What is the Carolinian Creed?

The Creed is a complement to the University’s conduct code. It explains why we regulate and restrict what we do. It forms the basis for and serves as “a summary of what’s expected by the institution.”  The Creed emphasizes integrity, openness and the general principles of civility. By defining the common values of our community the Creed helps create expectations that students should strive to live up to. 

History of the Carolinian Creed

In the late 1980’s there were several alarming incidents across the country that harmed individuals on college campuses that prompted administrators at the University to take action. In response to these hateful events, USC, Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Dennis Pruitt formed a task force of students, faculty and staff. 

The task force’s objective was to explore:

  • the characteristics that define relationships in the campus community;
  • the expectations of the University regarding student relationships and; 
  • suggestions on the most effective way to present these standards and civility aspirations to the student body. 

The result was the creation of the Carolinian Creed in 1990 as the University’s social honor code. The Creed’s creation took a unique approach to solving issues of intollerance on a college campus. Instead of limiting student’s rights through the creation of more rules, it set an example for all to follow.