Bonus Features is a discussion-based podcast that provides information about music in modern animated film/media. Host DJ Corduroy discusses the production of the music, how it affects the work, why the work is important and interesting facts and opinions about the animated work.

On Campus is a show about stories and experiences from a college town. Every year, millions of young adults flood into college campuses to get an education, but oftentimes, they come out with more. The University of South Carolina is filled with amazing people doing amazing things, and On Campus aims to tell those stories and more.

Myth Heads is a passion project from the restless minds of the Alpha Iota chapter of Eta Sigma Phi. As the University of South Carolina’s Classics honors society, these bright minds aim to make ancient mythology more accessible and interesting for everyone. The free-form, conversational dialogue between friends adds color and life to stories long thought to be dead.

The Cutaway co-hosts Austin Nix and Max Pegues are proud to present a production delivering comic repartee and incisive commentary arranged from a bevy of domestic policies, foreign policies and maneuverings on Capitol Hill and in the White House. Anticipate whimsical musings on the White House legislative calendar, lighthearted takes on national events, as well as a multilateral approach to foreign affairs and international relations… or something like that.

Join Christian, Jacob and Jackson as they sample a different genre of music that you may or may not have heard of from a place that you may or may not have been before.

Archived Podcasts

Down South takes a look at news and culture in the South Carolina area.

Podculture focuses on current events in our modern day society through the eyes of your hosts, Alex and Morgan, along with their various guests. As they navigate their way through film, new media, and everything in between, they bring listeners along for a wild ride with quirky commentary and opinions galore.