Healthy Carolina Coalition


To provide campus leadership in the study, promotion and implementation of Healthy Campus 2020 goals and objectives at the University of South Carolina.  The Healthy Carolina Coalition consists of representatives from faculty, staff, students and community members of the Columbia campus community. Healthy Carolina’s core functions are supported by Student Health Services staff and this coalition; the functions include the following:

1. Leadership and Support
2. Funding
3. Health Communications
4. Collaboration and Advocacy
5. Research and Assessment

The Healthy Carolina Coalition is guided by a Steering Committee and strategic plans are utilized to address health behaviors outlined in the National Prevention Strategy. 

National Prevention Strategy

    The National Prevention Strategy was set into action by United States Surgeon General in 2011. The strategy aims to move the nation away from a health care system focused on disease and treatment, and instead places the focus on the wellness and prevention of illness in all aspects of health for every American. Through a series of national strategic plans, the National Prevention Strategy will strive to increase the number of Americans who are healthy at every stage of their lives.

    Healthy Carolina adopted the National Prevention Strategy, and utilizes strategic plans for addressing the priority health behaviors outlined in the National Prevention Strategy within the University of South Carolina community. This theory-driven preventive approach for health and wellness, aspires to have a broader impact on the university’s healthy campus environment. The seven priorities are:

    Active Living
    Healthy Eating
    Preventing Drug Abuse and Excessive Alcohol Use
    Tobacco Free Living
    Injury and Violence Free Living
    Reproductive and Sexual Health
    Mental and Emotional Well-being

Get Involved

If you are passionate about the health and wellness of the University of South Carolina community and wish to get involved in uplifting the Healthy Carolina vision of a healthy campus environment, please complete the form below. Someone from the Healthy Campus Initiatives team within Student Health Services will reach out to you about opportunities to be involved in our initiatives.