Providing support, education and connection to students, faculty and staff caring for children from birth to age five.

Healthy Carolina’s Parent and Kinship Care Network, formerly known as the Lactation Support Initiative, is free of cost to all university faculty, staff, students, and their spouses. The goal of the Lactation Support Initiative was to create opportunities for University of South Carolina mothers to meet the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations of breastfeeding for a total of 12 months by providing support and resources for USC breastfeeding mothers returning to work or class. Since meeting this goal, the program has expanded to include connecting new traditional and nontraditional parents with resources, support and community.

The initiative consists of:

  • Nursing Mothers’ Lounges across campus for pumping or breastfeeding
  • Learn at Lunch Seminar Series on nutrition through the life stages, parenting styles and child development
  • Online education resources
  • The USC Lactation Support Policy
  • Parenting Support Groups
  • Referral Services

If you or any of your employees or coworkers are planning to become pregnant, expecting or recently welcomed a child into their home and are interested in participating in any component of the Initiative, please contact Dianna Colvin at: 803-777-1650 or

If you are a nursing mother and are interested in checking out a key to a Nursing Mothers’ Lounge on campus, please complete the Lactation Room Authorization Request Form located under the Nursing Mothers’ Lounges section below.

Click below to learn more about each component of our Parent and Kinship Care Network.

USC Lactation Support Policy

    The USC Lactation Support Policy (HR 1.60) mandates that mothers returning to work and school who wish to continue breastfeeding be required to be given a comfortable, private space to express milk (not a bathroom or locker room), adequate break times to express milk, and flexibility in working with their supervisors to support break times for up to one year after the birth of the baby.

    Click here to view the full policy.

    To find out more about what “adequate” break times entails, click here.

    The USC Lactation Support Policy mirrors the mandates in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) regarding breastfeeding support in the workplace. To find out more about the mandates in the ACA, click here!

Learn at Lunch Seminar Series

    Learn at Lunch Seminars are held approximately one to two times per semester and cover a range of topics relevant to new and expecting parents including nutrition for expecting and breastfeeding mothers, planning for childbirth, child development, parenting styles, tips for maintaining a breastfeeding and pumping schedule after returning to work or class, and more!

    Seminar schedules are posted at the beginning of each semester. To be sure you are notified of upcoming Learn at Lunch Seminars, subscribe to the Healthy Carolina Newsletter below.

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Nursing Mothers Lounges on Campus

    If you are a new or expecting mom and would like to check-out a key to one of the Nursing Mothers’ Lounges on campus, please fill out the Nursing Lounge Authorization Request Form.

    To see a map of where the Nursing Mothers’ Lounges are located on campus, click here!

    The Parent and Kinship Care Network is always looking for additional space to convert to Nursing Mothers’ Lounges on campus in order to offer even more convenience and support to those nursing at the university.  If you have space in your building that is 4 feet by 6 feet in dimension or larger that you would consider using as a nursing mother's lounge, please contact us! We can work with your department to create a comfortable, private space for your staff and students to pump at work!

Online Educational Resources

    Healthy Carolina’s Resources for Breastfeeding Moms

    Additional Resources for Breastfeeding Moms

    Resources for Managers, Employers and Human Resources Staff

Referral Services

    Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants

    Do you have questions about breastfeeding or experiencing a problem that is affecting your ability to breastfeed? Meeting with an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) can help you troubleshoot problems and establish a breastfeeding routine that works for you and your baby!

    Denise Altman, RN, IBCLC, LCCE, is a partner of our Lactation Support Initiative and through her private practice, All The Best LLC, can meet with breastfeeding mothers in their homes or at her office. The costs of consultations will be the responsibility of the mother; however, some insurance providers may cover the costs of meeting with a lactation consultant. Contact your insurance provider to find out if lactation consultations are a covered service. You can contact Denise Altman by phone at 803-479-2327 or by email at You can also visit her website at