HC Wellness Community


The mission of the Healthy Carolina Wellness Community (HCWC) is to promote the academic success and personal development of students, provide motivated, health-conscious students the opportunity to live in a community designed to enhance personal and collective wellness, foster prioritization of wellness, increase faculty-student interaction, provide active learning experiences, service learning, community development, and diversity.

The goals of the HCWC are to:

• Create an environment that encourages and promotes the development and maintenance of a healthy body, mind, and spirit through a wide array of wellness programs
• Enhance learning potential and academic success through creation of a community that facilitates optimal health
• Motivate students to make a life-long commitment to prioritizing wellness

Why choose the HCWC?

Living in the Healthy Carolina Wellness Community provides access to in-class and out-of-class experiences that facilitate learning about many aspects of wellness including stress management, healthy eating, exercise and the spirit-mind-body connection. Through Healthy Carolina University 290, students can get academic credit for their interest in and passion for health and wellness.

Benefits include:

• On-site group exercise classes
• Meditation and massage relaxation workshops
• Sustainable community vegetable and flower garden
• Intramural sports teams
• Group field trips and volunteering opportunities
• Healthy cooking demonstrations and more

Program requirements:

Students must enroll in the Healthy Carolina section of University 290, a one-credit hour course, in the fall semester.

Admission criteria:

Any student with an interest in immersing themselves in a lifestyle of wellness through educational programming developed around a holistic concept of wellness should join this community if able to meet program requirements. While the Arnold School of Public Health is the academic partner of the HCWC, students are not required to pursue a public health or related degree to be considered for residence. To apply, students must submit a housing application and an HCWC application online at www.vip.sc.edu.

For more information, e-mail Shaena Rouse at healthyc@mailbox.sc.edu, or call 803-777-1650.