Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is respecting and caring for your body. You apply knowledge, motivation and skills to enhance personal fitness and health. You make healthy and positive choices regarding issues affecting your physical well-being including nutrition, physical activity, sexuality, sleep, the use of alcohol and other drugs, self-care and the appropriate use of healthcare systems.*


  • Fitness
  • Nutrition and weight control
  • Healthy lifestyle habits
  • Health screenings
  • Appropriate use of the medical system **healthcare system?

USC Resources for Improving your Physical Wellness
Student Health Services – Center for Health and Well-Being
1401 Devine Street, Columbia, SC 29208
Phone: 803-777-3175

Free Health Screenings
Provides body fat estimations, blood pressure screenings and exercise consultations. To schedule appointments or for more information, stop by the Strom Thurmond Fitness Center, or call Campus Wellness at 803-777-3175.

Laboratory Screenings for Students and Student Spouses
Offers a number of tests to students including lipid testing, glucose screening and STI testing. To schedule an appointment, log onto MyHealthSpace or call 803-777-3175.

Faculty & Staff Worksite Wellness Screening
USC faculty and staff who are enrolled in the State Health Plan, Standard Plan or Savings Plan, Companion HMO, or CIGNA HMO are eligible to receive one worksite screening per year. Tests include lipid profile, CBC, basic metabolic profile. Additional test are available upon request. To schedule an appointment, log onto MyHealthSpace or call 803-777-3175.

Nutrition Consultations
Nutritional services are available to students, faculty and staff throughout the year and include one-on-one nutrition consultations, MedGem metabolic testing, eating disorders management, grocery store tours, cooking demonstrations and general nutrition presentations. To schedule an appointment, log onto MyHealthSpace or call 803-777-3175.

Gamecock Pantry
The Gamecock Pantry is a campus food pantry created for students, by students. Our goal is to serve the USC campus community by providing food aid and to provide resources to enhance the community’s overall well-being.

Physical Activity Resources

Sexual Health
Campus Wellness offers students information about sexually transmitted infections and diseases, contraception, abstinence and men’s and women’s reproductive health. Staff also provides free condoms to students. Visit room 309 in the Thomson Student Health Center, or call 803-777-1835 to ask questions, schedule a consultation or request presentations.

Tobacco Cessation
Quitting tobacco is a challenge, but one that can be overcome with preparation and support. Cessation programs help users prepare for the challenges that come with quitting, as well as provide support and encouragement throughout the process. For more information about tobacco cessation assistance, or if you would like to talk with someone about quitting tobacco, call 803-576-9393 or email