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Did you know the time you spend in a student organization, volunteering in the community or working a job can help you be more successful in college and achieve your future goals? Contact our coaches to develop your leadership skills, impact the community and expand your learning beyond the classroom!



Don’t forget to report your service hours!

Help us share how much #UofSCServes. Submit your hours, projects, volunteers and money raised for the year! Continue reading


Site Leaders make Service Saturdays great! Apply now!

Garnet Gate Site leaders are enthusiastic, motivated student leaders who are passionate about service. As a site leader you will be responsible for your helping volunteers get excited about service, and better understand the meaning of the work they are doing. Continue reading


Service opportunities allow students to make a difference

No matter how students chose to serve volunteer time, there are service opportunities all across campus. Each student has the ability to help the community and make a difference. Continue reading


Fostering leadership and diversity

For 30 years, the University of South Carolina has brought together students around the region to talk about leadership and diversity. This year, students and faculty from across the SEC also will be part of that conversation. Continue reading