Leadership Outlet

Leadership Programs strives to serve as the hub for leadership development on campus. Leadership Programs is pleased to offer the Leadership Outlet which provides a package of resources and opportunities both on and off campus for students, staff, and faculty. Check out the links, offices, and organizations that we have found helpful and let us know if we can help connect you.

Resource Center
Check out leadership books, inventories, teambuilding equipment, and activities from our Resource Center for free!

Customized Leadership Training
Get help and advice from our trained students and staff with leadership presentations, teambuilding, and retreat consultations.

On-Campus Opportunities
A listing of some leadership opportunities available on campus, including ways to receive various certifications right here on campus

Off-Campus Resources
Links to some of our favorite websites and resources that you may find useful

Leadership Scholarships
A listing of some of the scholarships available for student leaders like yourself

Resource Center

What is the Resource Center?

The Resource Center, located in the Leadership and Service Center (Russell House 227), is designed to give students, faculty, and staff on campus access to various leadership resources. The Resource Center houses books, videos, teambuilding activities, and equipment. All activities are equipped with materials and detailed directions so anyone could facilitate. These are free to check out and are available for individual use and also can be used by classes and organizations. We are constantly updating our resources and welcome ideas about new material.

Not sure what you are looking for?

Contact us at LSC@sc.edu or (803) 777-7130 to schedule a consulting session or ask us a question about the resources available. You can also visit to browse our selection in Russell House 227.

Check Out Procedure
1) Browse online database or the Resource Center in the Leadership and Service Center (RH 227)
2) After selecting books/equipment, bring items to a Leadership Coach for check out.
3) Sign Check Out Policy that states the following:

a. Book/Equipment Check out is valid for up to two weeks

b. If any material is lost or severely damaged, the person who checked it out will be responsible for replacing it.

4) Provide contact information and book title(s)

For a full listing of resources click on the link below:
Rent Books from the Leadership Resource Center

Team Building Exercises and Icebreakers

View all team builders and icebreakers (.pdf)
Download by category

Decision-Making Communication Teamwork
Cooperation vs. Competition Creative Thinking Strategy
Problem Solving Managing Frustration Leadership Ability

Need Teambuilding Equipment?
Rent various leadership and teambuilding equipment from the Resource Center to use with a student organization, class, or faculty/staff group. All activities come with facilitator instructions, debriefing questions, and all necessary equipment. Have an activity in mind but lack the equipment? Contact us at LSC@sc.edu or (803) 777-7130 to see if we can help.

Would you like US to facilitate the activity for your group?

Staff and student leaders are trained and available to assist with teambuilding activities, retreat consultation, leadership presentations, etc. Please fill out this form to give us more information about your request.

Leadership Facilitation and Presentation Request Form

Please Note: As part of the Resource Center, we have several leadership inventories to offer students, faculty, and staff. We have several free leadership inventories but we also offer more in depth inventories that based on the number and nature of the group we may charge for utilization of these tools in order to replenish our supply. Thank you for understanding! Please e-mail saoutlet@email.sc.edu if you have any questions!

Leadership Consulting

The Leadership Programs Staff and student leaders are trained and available to assist with team building activities, retreat consultation, leadership presentations, etc. Please fill out this form to give us more information about your request.

Leadership Facilitation and Presentation Request Form

Some possible topics for consultation are:

  • Conflict management
  • Effective communication
  • Event Planning
  • Effective meetings
  • Ethics
  • Motivating your group members
  • Leadership styles
  • Officer Transitions
  • Program planning
  • Public speaking
  • Retaining your members
  • Time management
  • Team building
  • Values based leadership

Need a quick reference about a leadership topic? Check out these short tip sheets!

Check back throughout the semester for more tip sheets!

Additional Campus Opportunities

  • The Carolina Leadership Initiative has a variety of leadership opportunities you may also be interested in.
  • Carolina Productions offers many ways to get involved with planning, promoting, and execute CP programs.
  • Getting involved with Community Service Programs is a great way to add a service  component to your leadership.
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life offers opportunities for both leadership and service through Panhellenic sororities, IFC fraternities, NPHC groups, and Multicultural organizations.
  • The Moore School of Business offers a class on leadership development, Management 403 – Leadership in Organizations
  • The Office of Student Engagement provides many peer leadership opportunities on campus.
  • The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs has many opportunities to help promote an accepting environment, and to assist in fostering an appreciation for each of our culturally diverse populations.
  • Check out the 380+ https://www.sa.sc.edu/leadershipandservice/student-organizations/Student Organizations at USC!  If you can’t find what you are looking for, think about creating your own! The Office of Student Organizations would be happy to help!
  • Student Government provides a variety opportunities for students through elected, appointed, and volunteer positions to get involved in the governing of the university.
  • Women’s Student Services provides programming, mentoring, student leader recognition, and resources enabling women to be confident student leaders.

If your office is interested in being listed on this web page, please contact Leadership Programs at saleader@mailbox.sc.edu.

Certifications Available

Off-Campus Resources

American Association of University Women
Center for Creative Leadership

Group Games

International Association of Teamwork Facilitators

Leadership Freak


National Association of Campus Activities

National Center for Student Leadership

National Clearinghouse of Leadership Programs

Outward Bound Leadership Programs

The Robert K. Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership

Simon Sinek – Start With Why

Student Leader Magazine

Teampedia – free teambuilders, icebreakers, etc.

TED Talks

T.J. Sullivan – The Hungry Student Leader Blog


Wilderdom – Team Building Activities

If you would like to add a website to this listing, please contact Leadership Programs at saleader@mailbox.sc.edu.

Leadership Scholarships

University Scholarships

Wilson-Kibler Bicentennial Award

This award recognizes a student whose demonstrated leadership abilities and experience have contributed to student life.

Strom Thurmond/Steve Cannon Carolina Cares Scholarship

This award recognizes a worthy and needy undergraduate student who has made significant service contributions to the Carolina community.

Non-Institutional Scholarship Databases

Outward Bound Leadership Scholarships

The Outward Bound Leadership Scholarship Program serves outstanding students who demonstrate leadership potential. It brings together diverse groups of students to instill cultural understanding and teamwork skills that enable them to become principled leaders.

NACA Scholarships for Student Leader

The National Association for Campus Activities provides scholarships for undergraduate students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities andmade significant contributions to their campus communities.