Mission, Vision, Values

Vision Statement

All students will be engaged, lifelong learners committed to positive change in the world.

Mission Statement

The Leadership and Service Center is a premier space on campus offering a unique and collaborative environment for students to explore their own leadership development. Our mission is to provide opportunities that will enhance the college experience, aid students in self-exploration and prepare them to be leaders after graduation. Through tailored one-on-one coaching, innovative workshops and programs, and limitless opportunities, we aim to help students:

  • connect to campus and community organizations, activities, and resources
  • cultivate meaningful experiences, develop a sense of purpose and identify their passions
  • articulate the skills and competencies developed through their involvement
  • become responsible and engaged citizens in their local, national, and global communities

We maintain a supportive environment which encourages each and every student’s ability to turn ideas into action.



  • Helping students find purpose
  • Discover passions and interests


  • Active citizenship
  • Creating change agents
  • Civic engagement
  • Social responsibility


  • Collaborating with campus and community partners
  • Connecting students to community and campus partners


  • Personal and Social Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Skill Development