Voting and Civic Engagement

The Leadership and Service Center is working with multiple initiatives to engage our students in becoming active and engaged citizens.

Voter Registration System – TurboVote

The Leadership and Service Center recognizes that being registered to vote is one of the first steps in becoming civically engaged. In order to provide the most accessible and convenient process for students to register to vote, the Leadership and Service Center researched several online services and determined TurboVote to be the best option to use. This system will allow individuals to register online or will send a voter registration form directly to students if registering to vote in a state that requires a hard copy form to be submitted. Additionally, this service will send text reminders about election day to individuals who sign up.

To register using TurboVote, please visit

Upcoming Voter Registration Events

Greene Street:
September 17, September 27, and October 6

Lead the Way

Furthermore, Lead the Way is a student-led initiative affiliated with the Leadership and Service Center’s Civic Engagement Initiative. Their goals are to register 5,000 UofSC students, faculty, and staff to vote, as well as, to provide educational opportunities for voters to learn about crucial issues in upcoming elections.

Lead the Way Civic Engagement Forum Series

The civic engagement forum series, as a part of the Leadership and Service Center’s Momentum Series, will bring together a diverse group of experts from the fields of climate change, civil rights, economic empowerment, women in politics, media in politics, and national security to discuss with students their experiences and the knowledge they have gained through their careers on these topics. These forums are intended to provide opportunities for students to engage with the most crucial issues in the upcoming elections in a nonpartisan manner.

Date Topic Forum Location
August 30 Climate Change Russell House 302
September 7 Human and Civil Rights Law School Auditorium
September 13 Economic Empowerment Russell House Ballroom A
September 22 Women in Politics Leadership and Service Center, Russell House Suite 227
September 27 Media in Politics Russell House Ballroom A
October 4 National Security Leadership and Service Center

Statement of Non-partisanship

As an entity, the Lead the Way initiative is non-partisan in nature. The individuals that make up Lead the Way are under the belief that increasing the number of individuals registered to vote is a goal people of all political beliefs can come together and work towards. However, the very nature of being interested in voter registration often means that a person is interested in politics more generally. Therefore, Lead the Way recognizes that it is unlikely for an individual member of the initiative’s leadership team to be entirely nonpartisan with their personal views. However, we find strength from this diversity of opinions and thoughts, rather than weakness. In order to balance out political ideologies, Lead the Way intentionally selected students from all parts of the political spectrum so that everyone is represented.