Welcome back to the University of South Carolina! Check out the resources below to ensure a successful transition into your off-campus home!

Tips for Moving In and Living Off-Campus

1. Introduce yourself to your neighbors. Establishing a positive and communicative relationship up front can prevent future problems. Follow these tips for good neighboring.

2. Check everything upon entry. Take photos of anything that appears damaged and provide them, with a detailed description, to you landlord/property manager to have them fixed right away. If you have trouble getting the repairs made, you can always set up an appointment with Student Legal Services for legal counsel.

3. Protect your belongings! Make sure all locks (doors and windows) work properly. Make sure all fire alarms have new batteries and are fully functioning. Purchase renter’s insurance. Download the RAVE Guardian Safety app, which can be used as a tool to alert USCPD or 911. It also allows you to provide the police anonymous tips, set a safety timer for yourself that will alert the authorities if you fail to arrive at your destination, and establish guardians to monitor your safety, all at the push of a button. For more tips on safety visit http://les.sc.edu/.

4. Make a budget to prepare for all off-campus expenses. Expenses can include utilities and living expenses on top of rent so be prepared. For budget consultation, set up an appointment with the Student Success Center.

5. Finalize parking and transportation to campus. This may include purchasing a parking pass, garage space, or utilizing public transportation (apartment community shuttle or the Comet). This can be done on the Parking and Transportation webpage. Always make sure to have a backup plan as well!

6. Familiarize yourself with the lease. Know rent payment deadlines, trash and recycling dates, and your rights as a tenant.