Moving In

Follow these tips to make moving in as seamless as possible.

2 Months in Advance:

  • Create a folder for important documents
  • Purchase renter’s insurance
  • Make arrangements with a moving service/truck if necessary

1 Month in Advance:

  • Get packing supplies (boxes, tape, labels, etc.)
  • Schedule utility connections
  • Fill out a change of address form online or at a local post office (

2 Weeks in Advance:

  • Make a checklist of all the items you are moving to ensure you don’t forget anything
  • Secure friends to help you move
  • Update your local address with USC on Self-Service Carolina

1 Week in Advance:

  • Pack your essential items in an easily accessible bag
  • Confirm the exact time and date of your move with your landlord
  • Consider purchasing cleaning supplies to thoroughly clean your unit before unpacking everything

Move-in Day:

  • Meet your landlord and get your keys
  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors
  • Take time-stamped photos of anything damaged, hazardous, or in need of repair. Columbia has minimum standards that properties must meet.

Personally check for the following before moving in:
• At least one window that opens per room
• All electrical fixtures and smoke detectors are working
• Free of rodents and bugs
• All appliances and heat systems work
• All plumbing fixtures are free of leaks and in sanitary and safe working condition
• All doors can be opened and closed
• All locks work
• Ceilings and walls are free of holes
• The unit is clean
• Free of mold and water damage

If anything above is unmet, take pictures and immediately:
• Provide your landlord with a detailed description and pictures of the problems.
Contact Columbia Housing Inspection at 803-545-3430 (if you live in the City of Columbia) to request an inspection. If you live outside the city of Columbia, please contact us at for assistance.
If your landlord is unwilling to fix the problems, set up an appointment with Student Legal Servicesto discuss your rights as a renter.

Following these tips will help protect you from unsafe living conditions and help you avoid being held responsible for pre-existing damages.