Safe Zone Program

Safe Zone is a campus wide program designed to visibly identify students, staff, and faculty who support the LGBTQ population, understand some of the issues facing LGBTQ individuals, and are aware of the various LGBTQ resources. The Safe Zone workshop is a three hour training that provides a foundation of knowledge needed to be an effective ally to LGBTQ students. Campus wide trainings are offered multiple times every semester, but training sessions can be arranged for other groups if requested.

After completing the workshop, individuals are considered to be up to date in their Safe Zone certification for three years. Individuals who complete the workshop may also choose to display a Safe Zone decal in their residence, office, or other location to identify to others that they are Safe Zone certified. Those who choose to display a decal should be comfortable with LGBTQ students approaching them to talk about LGBTQ related issues, or to help connect students to campus and local resources. Individuals may also choose to be included in our online directory.

In addition to building safe space across campus, the Safe Zone program creates ongoing educational opportunities for University of South Carolina students, faculty, and staff. The initial Safe Zone workshop is open to all members of the Carolina community and seeks to provide a safe environment for learning and self-reflection. Following the initial workshop, the Safe Zone program offers a variety of ongoing engagement opportunities that allow allies space to explore their identities, values, and stereotypes in a constructive way in order to better understand how these issues impact our community as a whole.

Safe Zone Certification Registry

Current Safe Zone Certification Public Registry

Recently trained and don’t see your information? We update the registry approximately twice a semester, so it may take some time to be added. Please note, your Safe Zone certification is considered active for three years following training, so if you were trained more than three years ago and have not updated your status, you will not appear on our public registry.

Upcoming Workshops

Our Safe Zone dates are up and registration will be available soon. Please note: workshops with fewer than 10 registered participants may be cancelled due to the interactive nature of the workshop; therefore, we recommend you register for the next available option that works with your schedule.

Student and Graduate Student Workshops
All workshops are held in RHUU 203.


Safe Zone:
January 19, 2-5 p.m., RHUU 305
March 20, 2-5 p.m., RHUU 305
April 20, 9 a.m.-noon, RHUU 305

Trans Advocacy:
February 17, 9 a.m.-noon, RHUU 305
April 4, 1-4 p.m. RHUU 305

To register for an HR session, please visit their website.