Orientation Team Leaders

Perhaps the most influential members of the Orientation staff are our Team Leaders.  Team Leaders or TL's are responsible for a variety of different tasks throughout Orientation but they are also heavily involved in the Orientation Leader recruitment, selection and training. The Orientation Team Leader acts as a mentor and role model to new Orientation Leaders, assists in the development and logistics of the program, and helps to create and execute initiatives that will introduce new students to the University.

Special Thank You to our 2016-17 Orientation Team Leader Staff!



Name: Alexis Bell

Major: Early Childhood Education

Favorite part about Orientation: Becoming close with my fellow Orientation Leaders and seeing how they grew and became leaders over the summer. Also meeting the new students was cool.

Favorite part of being a USC student: Having the opportunity to come to such an amazing University and getting involved with different aspects on campus.


Name: Allie Warrick

Major: Media Arts

Favorite part about Orientation: Having the opportunity to get to know these students personally is something that I really valued in my time as an Orientation Leader. At the Strom Social especially, I loved being able to hang out and play volleyball with my small group instead of just being their small group leader.

Favorite part of being a USC student: Walking around campus during welcome week is my favorite time of the year. Everywhere you go, you see a different event happening and everyone is SUPER friendly! I loved seeing those friendships form during this past welcome week as a volunteer; it had me reminiscing about my time in their shoes and my first few days on campus.


Name: Anna Tonseth

Major:Exercise Science

Favorite part about Orientation: I love sharing my excitement and passion for USC to all new students and their parents and guests. Teaching them Sandstorm, the fight song, and our Alma Mater on Day 1 is my absolute favorite!

Favorite part of being a USC student: My favorite part of being a Gamecock has to be all of the opportunities that I have been presented to me. I’ve been able to completely emerge myself into this university and it is one of the most rewarding things.



Name:Carey Ray

Major:Exercise Science

Favorite part about Orientation:Meeting new people and making a difference in their lives. I love USC and I love being able to share that with other students.

Favorite part of being a USC student: I love the school pride we have. I am proud to be a gamecock and I love that I share that with my fellow students.


Name:Julie Liddle

Major:Accounting and Management

Favorite part about Orientation:My favorite part of Orientation is connecting with new students, and opening their eyes to the amazing things they can and will accomplish as gamecocks during their time at the University of South Carolina.

Favorite part of being a USC student: I think it’s too hard to pick just one favorite thing. One of the best parts of being a USC student for me is being able to combine my love for social events, like football games, with my drive for success by being a part of the Darla Moore School of Business. Another one is making friends and creating memories that are going to last a life time.

Taylor Harrison


Name:Taylor Harrison


Favorite part about Orientation:My favorite part of Orientation is meeting new people! I love getting to know the newest members of the USC community and watching the beginnings of their life at Carolina unfold!

Favorite part of being a USC student: My favorite part about being a USC student is that there are so many opportunities to get involved whether it be leadership, service, or social, and there are always people willing to get involved with you!