Parent and Guest Orientation

Our reservation system for late August Orientation is now OPEN.

Parents and guests of new students will experience a specialized orientation program that runs concurrently with the New Student Orientation session. This program is designed specifically to help parents, family members, and other loved ones of new students gain insight into the kinds of adjustments students and their families will experience during the college years. While Parent and Guest Orientation is not mandatory, we do highly encourage each student to have at least one representative attend.

Parents, family members, and other loved ones of new students can register as guests for our Orientation program when the student registers for their New Student Orientation. The reservation system for New Student Orientation is now CLOSED, but will open on April 5th. As a reminder, please do not make any flight or hotel reservations until you have completed your reservation- if you make these reservations before you have reserved and paid for your New Student Orientation session, we cannot guarantee availability!

What will I experience at Parent and Guest Orientation?

  • Meet with academic deans or advisers to discuss your student’s major or program of study
  • Be introduced to academic policies and academic support resources
  • Receive information on a variety of student services and ways students can get involved
  • Ask questions of current students, staff and administrators
  • Interact with other parents and loved ones of new students
  • Learn about and join the Parents Association


Click here to learn more about the Office of Parents Programs and the resources it offers to Carolina parents.