Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is final payment due?
    a. Final payments for participation in the Orientation Partners Program are due April 3, 2017.
  • Can I pick where my ad is displayed in the Garnet Guide?
    a. The Garnet Guide is a combination of resources and services relevant to a student’s first year at the University of South Carolina. When we are designing the guide we try and group information in a logical order that would make sense for someone entering the university for the first time so partners cannot choose their page placement in the guide..
  • What is the Orientation Resource Fair?
    a. The Orientation Resource Fair is a university and community wide event held during freshman and transfer orientations throughout the summer. At the Orientation Resource Fair partners have the opportunity to set up a table as new students and families “shop” around for information they want or need. There can be no actual financial transactions that occur at the Orientation Resource Fair..
  • When do the Orientation Resource Fair’s occur?

    a. The dates of the Orientation Resource Fair are listed below. Exact timing will be decided later in May.

    a. Date Event type
    May 25th Summer School Event
    June 9th Transfer Student Event
    June 13th Freshman Student Event
    June 15th Freshman Student Event
    June 20th Freshman Student Event
    June 22nd Freshman Student Event
    June 23rd Transfer Student Event
    June 27th Freshman Student Event
    June 29th Freshman Student Event
    July 7th Freshman Student Event
    July 11th Freshman Student Event
    July 13th Freshman Student Event
    July 14th Transfer Student Event 
    July 18th Freshman Student Event
    July 20th Freshman Student Event
    July 21st Transfer Student Event 
    July 25th Freshman Student Event 
    July 27th Freshman Student Event
    July 31st Transfer Student Event
  • What if I don’t want to participate in the Orientation Resource Fair?
    a. If you choose a partnership level that affords you access to the Orientation Resource Fair you may choose not to participate by informing the Office of New Student Orientation prior to May 25th, 2017.

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