The Office of Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct provides students with case resolution options if they are alleged to be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct. The Student Conduct process is committed to providing experiences, processes and resources that support the advancement of students’ principled decision making, responsible citizenship and adherence to The Carolinian Creed; and the office is committed to upholding an environment that supports the health and safety of members of our community so that they may reach academic goals without unnecessary impediments.

The Student Conduct Process

Whether an incident occurred on or off campus, the University has an obligation to respond and assist our community members through our process. The image below explains more about what happens when a student has been involved in an incident that potentially violated the code of conduct. Student Guide  

Resolving a Case

Students are given the option to either accept the findings and sanctions as determined by their conduct administrator or resolving by participating in a Carolina Judicial Council hearing. To learn more about the Carolina Judicial Council (CJC) hearing please visit that section of our website.