Carolina Alcohol Policies and Safety Class


CAAPS is an educational sanction for underage, first-time alcohol policy violators. Students enrolled in CAAPS are challenged to hold themselves accountable, reflect, and attain knowledge to make positive future decisions regarding alcohol use with heavily interactive activities and discussions.


All students enrolled in the CAAPS course are asked to complete the following assignments as a part of their educational sanctions. Below are the assignments in order:
  1. CAAPS Pre-Work: This pre-work assignment must be completed and a hard copy must be brought with you to your CAAPS course. Please note that if you attend the course without completing this pre-work, there is a $25 penalty.
  2. Post- CAAPS behavioral assessment: The link to your CAAPS post-assessment will be e-mailed to you 4 weeks after your course. The survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete. The survey must be completed 3 days after you receive it, or a hold will be placed on your account.
If you have further questions about your sanctions please call our office at 803-777-4333.