Disciplinary Reference Check Procedure

Most professional schools, graduate programs, and high security jobs require a student, who is applying to that school/program, to submit a Disciplinary Reference Check form as part of the application process. This may also be required for undergraduates who are transferring to another institution or for students applying for special programs like study abroad.

What is a Disciplinary Reference Check?

A Disciplinary Reference Check is a form that will authenticate a student’s standing with the institution, either good or bad, by providing an applicant’s academic and judicial record from the institution he or she attended previously.

Where do I get the form?

Please utilize this online form to start the Disciplinary Reference Check process. As an attachment to this form, you must include a signed FERPA waiver so that we can release this information to you.

Who is involved at the University of South Carolina?

At USC there are three offices involved in completing and returning a Disciplinary Reference Check to its “home” institution. The Office of the Registrar releases information about a student’s academic standing, the Office of Student Conduct releases information about a student’s conduct standing and the Office of Academic Integrity releases information regarding honor code violations.

How do I get the process started?

Please keep in mind your application deadline as USC’s Disciplinary Reference Check process can take up to seven to ten days, particularly as general application deadlines get closer. When the Disciplinary Reference Check is complete and signed, the Office of Student Conduct will return it directly to the institution to which you are applying. On the online form you will need to indicate how you would like the form returned. If via fax, please include the institution’s correct fax number, and if via mail, please submit to our office a pre-addressed, stamped envelope as we will not be able to pay for postage.

NOTE: The online form found via our website only provides you information from the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity. If necessary, you will have to contact the Office of the Registrar separately to gain access to records regarding academic standing.

How long are student conduct and academic integrity records maintained?

In accordance with best practices, records regarding code of conduct violations will be maintained for a period of seven years. In instances that resulted in suspension due to a code of conduct violation records are kept permanently.

Records pertaining to an Honor Code violation by graduate students will be retained by the Office of Academic Integrity for six years after graduation or six years after the last date of enrollment. Records pertaining to Honor Code violations by undergraduate students will be retained by the Office of Academic Integrity for six years from the last day of the spring semester of the academic year of the offense.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this procedure.

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