Emergency Action FAQ


How will I be notified of any emergency action?

When emergency action is taken against a student or student organization, the student or student organization is given notice via e-mail explaining the nature, reason for, and duration of the action, as well as any conditions that may apply. A student notified of such action will be given an opportunity to meet with the University authority taking the action within five (5) University business days from the date of the request.

What occurs during the meeting with University conduct administrator?

This meeting shall be held to consider only the following issues related to the emergency action:
  • The reliability of information alleging misconduct; and
  • Whether the conduct and continued presence would pose an immediate threat to the safety, health, or welfare of persons or property and/or interfere with the orderly operation of the University.
It is not the purpose of the meeting to hear evidence concerning responsibility related to pending or possible charges against the student.

Will I be allowed to be on campus if an emergency suspension occurs

No. This includes restriction from classes, student activities and use of campus facilities. If you are on campus without permission, you will be trespassing. Permission to be on campus for a specific purpose must be requested and obtained from the Office of Student Conduct or designee prior to any action that may violate the suspension or restriction.