Emergency Action

The University may impose emergency action upon a student or student organization when there is reason to believe, based upon available evidence, that the student/student organization poses an immediate threat to the safety, health or welfare of persons, property or to the orderly operation of the University. The action is interim in nature, pending the outcome of conduct procedures. The Office of Student Conduct (unless otherwise noted) may impose any of the below actions.┬áViolations of the emergency actions will result in a minimum of an immediate one-year suspension as well as any other disciplinary action.  

Individual Student Emergency Action

Emergency Suspension - This action requires a student to leave University property immediately, and not return during the suspension period, and/or comply with other stated conditions for a specified period. Emergency suspension may be used to temporarily suspend a student's eligibility for enrollment, as well as for denial of the student's access to University facilities or property. Any student who is suspended on an emergency basis and returns to the campus or University property and/or violates other stated conditions during the specified period may be treated as a trespasser.

Emergency Limitation of Privileges - This action may place a limitation on a student's eligibility for certain privileges, or participate in or attend certain events without the suspension of enrollment status. This action may prohibit a student's presence on University property or certain facilities, or impose conditions that must be met in order for that student to have certain privileges, participate in activities, or attend events.

Emergency Housing Relocation/Removal - This action may be imposed upon a student by the Department of University Housing and Student Development as outlined in the Housing policy.

Student Organization Emergency Action

Emergency Suspension and/or Restriction- This action may suspend or restrict a student organization for an interim period of time pending the outcome of conduct proceedings. During the time of suspension the organization may be required to cease all organizational activities and vacate any assigned University space immediately upon written notice. This action may be imposed by the Office of Student Conduct or the Department of Student Life for Fraternity & Sorority Life and/or student organizations.