If I was suspended Essay:

The following essay is designed to provide students an opportunity to reflect on their actions and articulate how future violations of the Code of Conduct can lead to a suspension from the university.

Please answer each question and use the headings provided. Paper should be at least 4 pages and emailed to osc@sc.edu by your listed deadline on your case resolution form.


  • What were your motivations or reasons for coming to USC?
  • Upon coming to college did you have a goal set for yourself (present or future)?
  • What were your parents’/families’ expectations?
  • How have your actions prevented you from reaching these goals and expectations?


  • What is your personal decision making style: what do you consider when making decisions in your life? How do you do this? Provide detailed examples.
  • How do you determine what your priorities are in your life, especially as a student? Be specific.
  • How should your responsibilities guide your priorities and decision making?
  • How have you been following those guidelines referenced in the above questions?
  • How did you decide to become involved in this incident? What did you consider? What were your feelings/thoughts in this process?
  • When you read the Creed, what does it represent? Explain.
  • Why do you think the University of South Carolina has a Creed? Explain why you think it is an important part of the Carolina culture?
  • How does the Creed apply to you specifically in this incident? Explain.


  • What are the academic impacts if you get suspended for a second or third offense?
  • Calculate your cumulative GPA with the resulting 0.0 (use the ACE website). Research transfer standards for your second and third choice institutions (please state the specific institutions). Are you eligible for admission? To which ones?
  • What would be the economic impacts of your decision? Include components such as school-related costs, living costs, scholarships, etc. that would be lost if you were suspended tomorrow.
  • What is the cost of rent/utilities at an off-campus location (if you have not planned one, use The Asypre and The Retreat). How much would you lose if you had to move this month? Enumerate each and the cost of breaking your lease.
  • How would you make up this money?
  • If you had a job paying an average wage, e.g. $8 per hour, how many hours would you have to work per week to break even? How would this impact your lifestyle?
  • If you had to move home, how would this impact your lifestyle?
  • What would you tell your friends and neighbors about why you were moving back mid-semester? Would they be surprised? How do you reconcile their perceptions with the reality of your conduct history?
  • What could you, personally, have done to make more appropriate decisions, if anything? Would you do anything differently?
  • Going forward, what kind of activities could you participate in or changes could you make to help you achieve yours and parents’ goals?
  • What resources on campus could be helpful to you?