Tips for Parents/Guardians

1 (4)How to help your student through the Conduct Process

As parents, these tips will help you support your student through the conduct process and help them learn from their collegiate experience.  
  • Speak with your student regarding the situation. Make sure to listen carefully and critically.
  • Have an open discussion with your student about the process of making decisions that are consistent with their values, personal code of ethics, and future goals.
  • Assist your student in taking responsibility for his/her actions and avoid blaming others for the consequences that resulted from his/her choices.
  • Discuss with your student your expectations for his or her behavior at USC.
  • Remember that your student will look to you as a role model for dealing with and responding to conflict.
  • Brainstorm with your student ways to overcome past mistakes.
  • Be firm in your approach, but always keep the lines of communication open.

Adapted gratefully from Virginia Polytechnic Institution and State University’s Office of Student Conduct.