Classroom Disruption

Classroom Disruption (4)

What is Academic Disruption?

Disorderly Conduct:

Classroom behavior that disrupts the instructor’s ability to teach or students’ ability to learn.

Disruptive Activity:

Students are expected to comply with and respond appropriately to the reasonable and lawful requests of University officials in the performance of their duties.

Failure to Comply:

Disruption of the normal activity and operations of faculty, staff, and students.

How do I handle Academic Disruption?


Utilize Prevention Methods:

  • Add into your syllabus a statement regarding classroom expectations
  • Discuss classroom expectations at the beginning of each course and throughout the semester

If an Incident Occurs:

  • Address the disruptive behavior privately and in person
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Explain the impact of the behavior

Request that the behavior stops Discuss expectations of future behavior

Follow-up with the student via e-mail to document your conversation


If an Incident Escalates:

  • Fill out an incident report with the Office of Student Conduct
  • Make sure to notify your dean and department chair