Tips for a safe spring break

It is almost that time of the semester, and we are sure your student has been talking about it since winter break ― spring break is almost here! As spring break quickly approaches, it is important to talk to your student about safety tips they should keep in mind when planning activities for the break. Review the following tips from the Office of Parents Programs and discuss with your student if they are traveling for the break.

  • Discuss what communication with your student will look like during spring break. It is important to let your student have their independence, but it is equally important to have a conversation about expectations for the break. How often will they check in with you to let you know things are ok?
  • If your student is traveling by car, the driver should not only have a valid driver’s license, current vehicle registration and proof of insurance, but they should also know where to locate these documents in the car.
  • No one should drink and drive or ride with someone who has been drinking, and seatbelts should be worn at all times. Students should designate a sober driver at the beginning of the night or take a cab (with friends) to their destination if no one is able to drive.
  • With multiple people in the car, students should avoid distracted driving. Drivers should not text or use a cell phone, blast music too loud or eat and drink. While it may seem fun and harmless, this behavior puts everyone in the car at risk.
  • If your student is staying in a hotel, advise them to request a room that is not located in an isolated area of the building, nor on the ground floor where there may be easy access from the outside. Furthermore, inform students to keep their information private. When your student is informing their friends of their room number, make sure only they can hear the information and not strangers nearby.
  • No matter the destination, there are likely tons of fun activities they can participate in that are alcohol-free. Encourage your student to check out all of the activities that are available at their destination. However, if they do choose to drink, remind them of the legal drinking age. If they are under the age of 21, remind them that their actions can lead to serious legal and financial problems.
  • Students should never venture off on their own – it is important to stay with friends in every situation.
  • If your student is traveling to a warm destination, make sure they have packed sunscreen, sunglasses and other items to protect them from the sun. No one wants to spend spring break with sunburn!

Encourage your student to relax and have fun on their spring break – hard work during the school year warrants time to relax when possible!