Snow Plans

So by now you’ve probably stumbled upon some weather forecast calling for snow late Tuesday into Wednesday.  Will it snow?  Will school close?  Who knows.  One thing we can do in the meantime is put a plan of action in place in case a closure or delay happens in the next couple of days; as the building will still have to be open for dining and light programming (TBD).

IN THE CASE OF A DELAY:  Just that, delay.  If you’re scheduled to start work between 7am and the delay, please do not venture to work.  Sleep in.  Make hot chocolate.  Watch Netflix.  We’ll see you at 10am or so.  All other published shifts for the day will remain in tact.

IN THE CASE OF CLOSURE:  Throw out the published shifts.  They don’t exist.  Throughout today and tomorrow I will work out a staffing plan for the building.  In the case the University closes school, we will activate this staffing plan via the wiki.

A million thanks for your flexibility and willingness to make the Russell House available for the University community.  We count our blessings every day that students like you are on this team.