Upcoming Reservation Dates and Deadlines

Due to the high demand on space in the Russell House, the following priority reservation system (Russell House Space Lottery) is utilized to ensure equitable and efficient use of space by interested registered student organizations.

Information on specific dates and procedures for the Russell House Lottery is distributed to all registered student organizations, student organization advisors, and is advertised in The Gamecock newspaper each semester by the Russell House University Union (RHUU). For more information on requesting space through the Russell House Event Services Office please refer to policy STAF 3.25.

The Russell House Space Lottery for reservations during the Fall 2016 semester will take place in the 2nd-floor lobby of the Russell House on March 1, 2016.

Only registered student organizations may participate in the Russell House Space Lottery.

NOTE: Requests from Student Organizations for Academic Space will not be accepted until two weeks after the first day of classes. Any requests for academic space submitted prior to this date will be declined and must be resubmitted. For more information contact RHUU Event Services at 777-8182 or stop by RHUU Suite 218.