Student Resources

Substance Abuse Prevention and Education Phone: 803-777-3933
The purpose of the Office of Substance Abuse Prevention and Education is to promote healthy low-risk behaviors and responsible decision concerning the use of alcohol and other drugs by providing preventive and educational services to Carolina students.  Email us:

The Office of Student Conduct Phone: 803-777-4333
The Office of Student Conduct promotes individual student development and a campus climate of civility and accountability. The office encourages education and accountability by providing processes designed to uphold the behavioral expectations of the Code of Conduct. We aim to advance responsible community citizenship through promotion of The Carolinian’s Creed.

Student Health Services Phone: 803-777-8248
The Office of Student Health Services offers valuable educational and support services to the entire USC community in order to meet your health, wellness, and academic goals.

Campus Wellness Phone: 803-576-9393
Campus Wellness is devoted to awareness and prevention of acute and chronic health issues at the University of South Carolina. By offering a wide range of programs and services, we assist students, faculty and staff with making healthy choices and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Sexual Assault Violence Intervention & Prevention Phone: 803-777-8248
Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention offers visible, convenient accessible programs and services that enable students to live at high levels of wellness and in a safe environment to support their success.

Counseling Center Phone: 803-777-5223
The Counseling and Human Development Center provides psychological counseling, education, and consultation, to the University community, as well as clinical supervision for selected mental health graduates. Our multi-disciplinary team offers services that promote social, emotional, physical, and cognitive well-being for people facing developmental or unplanned challenges.

The Counseling and Human Development Center at The University of South Carolina offers a counseling group for college students dealing with problems related to alcohol and other drugs. The “Substance Use and You” (4-week) group is a developmentally-appropriate, psycho-educational, and process group that deals directly with the experiences of college students around their involvement with alcohol and other drugs. Student participants are challenged to think critically about their decisions and behaviors related to alcohol and other drug use. The group format offers support for this process as the facilitators encourage participants to help each other develop alternatives for healthier lifestyles. Group members typically gain more insight into their behavior as they explore their thoughts, feelings, and personal experiences.

Law Enforcement and Safety Phone: 803-777-4215 or 803-777-8400
The mission of the Division of Law Enforcement and Safety is to provide a safe and peaceful environment for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors while ensuring safe and reliable access to the University.

Official USC Alcohol Policy
University Policy and Guidelines on the Use of Alcohol by Students

Official USC Drug Policy
Drug Policy for University Students

Parental Notification Policy
Regarding violations of alcohol and drug policies