What to Expect in STIR?

STIR consists of three one-on-one sessions with a STIR Coach. You should expect to spend 60-75 minutes on each of your first two meetings, then about 30 minutes on your last appointment. After your first session, you will return 2-3 weeks later for your second session. STIR Coaches provide support and encouragement as you work towards achieving your ambitions, and they challenge you to strive for a safer and healthier lifestyle. Based on a brief alcohol screening, your Coach will determine if further sessions or referrals for other services would be beneficial.

Session 1: Upon your arrival, your Coach will want to get to know you and develop an understanding of your substance use patterns. After talking about the incident, potential alternatives and strategies will be discussed to reduce the risk of future negative consequences. You will be asked to monitor your substance use and keep record of this on self-monitoring cards. Near the end of the 1st session you will also complete an online assessment, either E-Toke (marijuana) or E-Chug (alcohol) which will generate a personalized report based on your alcohol or marijuana use.

Session 2: The STIR Coach will provide personalized feedback and advice through incorporation of your assessment and self-monitoring cards. Any obstacles and achieved progress between sessions will be discussed and solutions will be considered to address any encountered challenges. You and your coach will review the assessment results which will aid in goal formation for low risk behaviors in the future. Before you leave your second session, you will be provided with a personalized report including campus resources, and will establish goals for the upcoming month related to your substance use.

Session 3: The third meeting is a brief check-in with your STIR Coach. You can expect to meet for 15-30 minutes to discuss any concerns you have and to complete an exit survey. Your coach may also discuss with you any next steps, which typically is nothing more than case closure, but might involve referral to an outside agency for additional services.

At the conclusion of the second appointment, the STIR coach will discuss next steps which may include a third appointment, referral to another agency, other recommended next steps, or notifying the Office of Student Conduct of completion of the STIR program.

PLEASE NOTE: All information you share in your sessions is confidential, except in cases where there is imminent danger to self or others.