The STIR program focuses on harm reduction and prevention by educating students about the potential negative consequences that result from substance misuse. Through non-judgmental and motivating engagement, many students are more knowledgeable and equipped to avoid future violations. STIR Coaches help students have a better ability to recognize their challenges and progress towards their goals. After attending STIR, students report the positive impact the program has made in their lives and changed behaviors to make safer and healthier decisions.

Students’ Self Report of the STIR Experience

• STIR has influenced students to make smarter and safer decisions, as 83% of students agree they have altered their behavior as a result of STIR.

• An overwhelming amount of students, 86% agreed that STIR helped them to identify their high risk behaviors and similarly, 88% of students reported that STIR has helped them reflect on the decisions that led them to their violation.

• After attending STIR, 86% of students agree that they now have more awareness and a better understanding of how their behavior affects themselves and others.