Test Proctoring Supplement

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Students must be registered as a student with a disability and complete a Test Proctoring Request at least seven (7) days before the scheduled exam date and must have notified professors about the accommodations through their Letters to Professors (LTP).

Exam Options

Students authorized through the Office of Student Disability Services for testing accommodations have three exam options:

  1. Take the exam with the class.
  2. Take the exam with appropriate testing accommodations arranged by the professor.
  3. Take the exam with appropriate testing accommodations in the OSDS Test Proctoring Room.

Procedures for Testing in the OSDS Test Proctoring Room

  1. To schedule an exam, students must complete the Test Proctoring Request online at least seven (7) days before the exam. If the student needs to take the test at a different time due to class schedule conflicts or proctoring availability, the student will have to obtain permission from the professor to test at a different time.

    Professors will receive a confirmation email regarding the student’s appointment for test proctoring. This email will give instructions on how to proceed.

  2. It is important for OSDS to receive the exam in a timely manner. Professors will need to visit https://sawebdev.wufoo.com/forms/professors-test-proctoring-form/ to complete the instructions for test proctoring to upload or bring in person. The professor will receive a reminder, by 12:00pm, two (2) business days before the exam date.

    OUR PROCESS HAS CHANGED. Effective immediately, OSDS requires the test to be electronically uploaded to the test proctoring account or personally delivered to the OSDS main office, LeConte 112A, by 12:00pm on the day before the test is to be administered.

    Those students who require exams in Braille or alternative format will be handled on a case by case basis. For students who need enlarged print, please make the exam in a Word document so we can accommodate accordingly. If you do not know how to do this or need any assistance, please contact the Office of Student Disability Services.

    If the exam requires a Scantron, the professor MUST PROVIDE it with each exam. OSDS does not provide or store Scantrons.

  3. During the Exam, if students are unclear about the exam instructions or conditions, the Test Proctor will follow the instructions provided by the professor on the Professor’s Test Proctoring Form. If a cell phone number or email has been provided so that the student may ask questions, please be prepared to answer in real time.

    If a student arrives late for a test, the Test Proctor reserves the right to require the student to reschedule the test with the professor.

    If a student is caught cheating or suspected of cheating, the student will be referred directly to the Office of Student Conduct and the professor will be notified.

  4. After the exam has been completed, professors can choose to receive the completed test through e-mail or they can choose to pick up the completed test from LeConte 112A. They can also designate a representative to pick up the exam. Professors and/or designees will be required to sign for the exam. We require an I.D. to be presented to pick up the exam(s).

Revised June 2016