Note Takers

Volunteer to Help a Fellow Gamecock and Build Your Resume!

Student Disability Services provides note taking as a mandated support service.

All students who receive note taker accommodations must attend class, but they may need note takers for various reasons, most often because they cannot use their hands, write slowly, or cannot keep up with the amount of notes in class.

We rely on students in courses to volunteer as note takers.

If you are interested in helping out a fellow student and having a positive volunteer experience to add to your resume, please consider being a note taker!  Upon request, our staff will be happy to provide you a letter of appreciation for your services at the end of the semester that would include the total number hours/week of community service you provided (3 hours per week).

This role involves only 2 easy steps:
  1. Take notes in class.
  2. Within 24 hours of class, come to the Office of Student Disability Services in LeConte College, Room 112A, and scan and email your notes using our copy machine OR email your notes directly to the student.

You must have at least a 2.5 GPA.


To see if any of your classes will need a note taker and to apply, visit our Note Takers Application.

For any additional information or assistance:

  • Email us at
  • Call Office of Student Disability Services at 803-777-6142.
  • Stop by LeConte College, Room 112A.