Student Registration Checklist

The registration process can take 2 or more weeks to complete. Although parents and others may assist, students should complete the application themselves and must attend their OSDS Orientation. Generally, the steps in the registration process are:

  1. Complete the Student Application Form for Registration with Student Disability Services. Don’t forget to print a copy for your records before you hit the Submit button!
  2. In addition to the information you provide to us on the application, documentation related to your disability is also needed to assist in determining the appropriate accommodations to help you be successful. Please refer to the Documentation Guidance page for further information.

    Submit the documentation(s) to our office by:‚Äč

    ATTACHMENT: Through the online Student Application Form
    FAX: (803) 777-6741

    Please remember to include your full name and date of birth on all documentation. Your medical provider may also submit the documentation directly to our office. If documentation is not sufficient, we will request more from you. The faster this part of the process is completed, the better.

  3. When we have received all documentation, you will receive an email from our office telling you that your file is complete and in process. This part of the process can take 2 or more weeks.

  4. Once your file is reviewed, you will get an email from our office requesting that you call the office at 803-584-3446 x117 (Allendale) or 843-549-6314 x301 (Walterboro) to schedule your OSDS Orientation. Please note that you will not be able to access services without completing this step. 
  5. Attend OSDS Orientation in person or through online services (e.g., Skype).

Your registration will then be complete! At that point, you will be able to access accommodations through our office to help you succeed.

If you have any questions or concerns about the process, please do not hesitate to call our office at 803-584-3446 x117 (Allendale) or 843-549-6314 x301 (Walterboro) or email us at

We are happy to help!

*** CONFIDENTIALITY: All information provided to the Office of Student Disability Services is confidential. Only with the written consent of the student will information be provided to appropriate offices when information has been deemed necessary to support the individual's educational and professional pursuits. We include the student in any conversations related to him/her. Specific information (including documentation) relating to the student's disability will not be given out without written permission from the student. It is strongly recommended that all forms and documentation be returned to our office before the start of the semester in order to allow time for processing.