Students With Temporary Injuries & Documentation Guidance

Are you a USC student experiencing a temporary injury that negatively impacts your ability to succeed in the classroom? You’ve come to right place! We will need documentation from a qualified medical professional to include how long you will need assistance. In thinking about the description of your needs to include on the application, consider how your injury interacts with communication, classroom/laboratory/on-line learning, reading/writing, housing, technology, dining, the physical environment, etc. What barriers can you anticipate? Use your answers to these questions to identify potential services as well as the documentation that supports them. Once your documentation AND the Temporary Injury Student Application¬†form for registration with Student Disability Services have been received, your file will be reviewed. Students will then be notified of their status by email or phone call. The email address or phone number on your application will be used. While all students who provide documentation of an injury will be permitted to register, the assistance granted will depend on the documentation submitted.

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