Meet the 2016 Candidates


Cory Alpert
As Study Body President, Cory Alpert plans to encourage change and unity both in and around the USC community. In the first of his initiatives, Cory plans to reduce the cost of attendance through the use of Open Educational resources; this will give students opportunities to spend their money on their passions rather than their textbooks. Secondly, Cory plans to unite our campus with the city of Columbia, giving students the support of a large university even after graduation. Finally, Cory plans to unify the many diverse groups represented across this campus by allowing groups to share ideas and funds easily.

Trey Byars
Pay off your parking ticket fees with community service hours as part of the Work It Off Ticket program, saving money for students and allowing them to log service hours and eliminate their parking tickets. Provide an Uber discount code that gives more freedom to students going off campus. Create more community-oriented evening events with “Carolina Nights” and “Beat” Bonfires for students on Friday nights in the fall before game days. Publish surveys in the “What’s New at USC” emails that go out on Sunday nights asking for students’ opinions on different issues. Create a Lecture Series to let students create their own “Ted Talk” series highlighting their passions about school, life, politics and potential careers. Work with the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs to publicize events and dialogues to a wider range of students along with a permanent cabinet position for diversity outreach.

Lee Goble
I am Lee Goble, a junior English major and candidate for Student Body President. My goal, as President, would be to Empower the Student Voice through Outreach, Advocacy, and Accountability. I look forward to speaking with students about what issues they see on campus. If you’re a student and would like to speak to me, please contact me at You can follow along with my campaign at Thank you!

Michael Parks
As student body president, Michael plans to engage, empower, and enrich the USC student experience.
He will bring everyone together with Carolina Kickoff, a concert festival and pep rally to begin each new school year and football season. Michael plans to make off-campus housing more transparent with MyOffCampus. Here, students can compare off-campus options and read student-written reviews before signing a lease. He plans to make Saturdays at Williams-Brice more enjoyable with a reformed gameday experience. Michael plans to partner with the “It’s On Us” campaign to promote sexual abuse prevention and awareness at USC. Together we can.

Dennzon Winley
A Winley Administration would be one of the more active SB administrations seen here at the University of South Carolina. If elected, I promise to reform our Senate, push for the designation of graduate instructors on My.SC, and fight to provide transportation to our off-campus students past 7 p.m. to their respective housing units. Additionally, I will work to foster greater cooperation between student organizations and will work to create a peer-led hotline that seeks to aid those who want nothing more than a listening ear. This, plus more. There’s a little something for everyone. Everyone will Win with Winley.

Vice President

Alexis Free-Jenkins
My name is Alexis Free-Jenkins and I am running to be your Student Body Vice. As Vice President I pledge to always be a beacon of support, unity and innovation that will put your concerns first. With that being said, there are a lot of issues on campus that need to be addressed and I will be the one to rectify them. I am positive that by working together we can achieve everything we strive to accomplish. I will serve the student body with a friendly face, strong work ethic and a smile while providing students a better Student Government.

Aaron Kirby
To uphold the constitution of the University of South Carolina and not break or extend past its limits. To entrust the students of the university to be the voice for which I fight. To work endlessly and truthfully with my fellow cabinet members to find solutions, end problems, and add to the greatness of Carolina. To respect and honor all aspects of student life and achievement on and off campus. To facilitate success in academics, arts, and athletics throughout the student body. To do great things with the short time we have. This is my platform.

Ross Lordo
As your Vice President, I will work to redefine the role of the Student Body Vice President to better serve our student body. I will take action to increase the transparency of Student Government, including the streaming and live tweeting of Senate meetings. I will continue to meet weekly with our student organizations throughout my term. I also promise to work tirelessly to promote the appreciation of diversity on our campus. It’s time to innovate a more effective Student Government, engage with the Carolina community, and empower every student voice. It’s time to step forward and make an impact.


Stinson Rogers
• Transparency
• Advocate for a bigger budget
-Work to allow all organizations the opportunity to request funds from Student Government
-Make requesting funds from Student Government more efficient
• Revamp our Communication Team
-Increase from 4 to 10 to better serve the Gamecock community
-One member solely dedicated to Senate to increase transparency
• Programs
-Walk Home Cocky
• Advertise and post signs as to where picks is in the Thomas Cooper Library
-Uber Contract-Students receive a 25% off 7 days a week and 50% Thursday – Saturday 10PM-3AM
Bring Back Comptrollers

Nick Santamaria
As treasurer of USC Mock Trial I managed an expanding budget of over $15,000. I’ve served multiple leadership positions in Student Government including on freshman council, and as chairman of the Senate Academics Committee. I know the system from both sides of the table and plan to do everything in my power to make student org funding an easier process. I want to make SG work for you, and bring outside perspectives to the table. Money will be spent wisely and I’ll prioritize based on student needs: organization funding, student engagement, and programs that instill real change on campus.

Senators by College


Juan Barcenas
As a second year student here at the University of South Carolina, I can honestly say that USC is an amazing place with even better students and faculty. That being said, there is always room for improvement. If elected to the Senate, I will do everything I can to make USC a better experience for all. USC should be a place where lifelong friends and memories are made while being a welcoming environment for everyone.

Taylor Bradley
I, Taylor Bradley, would like to be selected as the Senate candidate for the college of Arts and Sciences. With four years of student government contributing to my experience, it is my goal to ensure that this college provides students all that it can. As a student body, it is our job to make sure our voices are heard, and by serving on the Student Senate, I will be sure to do just that.

Arianna Miskin
My name is Arianna Miskin and I’m a Junior Psychology major on the Pre-Medical track. My goal while in Senate will be to increase the availability and awareness of extra-curricular and service opportunities on campus, as well as work to increase the availability of resources for all Pre-Professional students. In totality, I will serve as an efficient and effective senator and I hope to earn your vote.

Cash Sprouse
My name is Cash Sprouse and I am running for Senate of the Arts and Science School. I am a third year Political Science major, from North Myrtle Beach, SC. As a member of the student government Senate it is important to concentrate my attention to the opinion of the student body, and execute plans for the betterment of our campus.

Jeffrey Toler
My name is Chase Toler and I am from Ballentine, South Carolina. I currently serve in the 107th Student Senate as the Vice Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. As a third-year history major, I am committed to continuing my advocacy for the College of Arts and Sciences. If re-elected, I will support initiatives such as payment plans for parking passes and expanding shuttle services off campus. Thank you for your support!


Evan Dodge
Hello, my name is Evan. I am an International Business student double minoring in Arabic and Chinese. If elected I plan on leaving a worthy legacy for the Darla Moore Business School. With the experience of Freshman Council, it is my goal to ease accessibility to university funds for student run organizations, create new ways for students to run their own businesses on campus, and defend unique privileges afforded to our nationally ranked college.

Lauren Flintom
Hi, I’m Lauren Flintom and I am running for Senate to help make an impact at USC! I am currently involved in Freshmen Council as well as Hall Government. I would love to further my involvement with Student Government this upcoming year. As a senator, I would continue promoting programs like Carolina Closet, Gamecock Pantry and Walk Home Cocky. I am eager to initiate more policies that positively affect our student body. Go cocks!!

Clare Hachten
As a Senator representing the Darla Moore School of Business, I will work to ensure an inclusive learning environment that is conducive to academic and personal development. I will strive to promote diversity in all forms and to harness this diversity to strengthen the business school. Additionally, I will increase accessibility to student services within the business school, such as the offices of Career Services and Career Management.

Chandler Holgate
I have thoroughly enjoyed my term as a Moore School Senator, and I hope to continue serving the students of the business school. As a member of the 107th senate, I served on the Senate Finance Committee and the Senate Environmental Affairs Committee. In these positions, I cosponsored a number of bills and resolutions pertaining to student organization funding and environmental initiatives. I hope to continue representing you, and your support is greatly appreciated!

Jessica Newman
I believe that the University of South Carolina is one of the greatest schools in the nation but we always have the opportunity to improve. I will work to ensure that all students receive the most fulfilling and enriched experience here at USC. By electing me as your senator, you are electing a strong and competent leader, who will always have your best interests in mind.

Evan Rodwell
My name is Evan Rodwell and I am running for a position on our Student Senate. As a member of this organization, my top priority would be to bring our incredible community together by listening to your input and helping to put it into action. If elected, I promise to engage in activities that will allow us to do this in fun, interactive new ways. With your valued input, we can surely make this happen!

Alexander Sobelman
“If elected, I will use my past experiences with student government in high school, and my current position on freshman council to make effective decisions that benefit the student body. I will only have the best interests for the student body and will constantly seek people’s opinion. If there is something happening in student government, I will make sure the student’s know.”

Christian Ward
Hello. My name is Blake Ward and I am from Sumter, South Carolina. As a third-year GSCOM and marketing double major, I’m excited for the opportunity to advocate for my fellow students. If elected, I will support payment plans for garage passes and other initiatives designed to make our experience at the Moore School of Business the best it can be. Thank you for your support!

Johnathan Xiong
Demand an effective student government. It’s what you deserve. Demand passionate student advocates, like myself, to represent you and provide the services and resources that you need. A little about myself is that I am currently a freshman in the Darla Moore School of Business within USC, pursuing International Business, majoring in Finance, and minoring in Portuguese. The topics that I am looking forward to focus on most are mental health, student safety, and parking.


Brianna Childs
As a Carolinian, we are a part of a community that fosters leadership, innovation, and passion. In accordance to the Carolina tradition and the College of Education, my passion runs deep to become an inspiration to my future students and colleagues around me. With collaboration, discipline, and a creative mindset, positive change can be made in the College of Education and I am willing to put in the effort to make a difference. Go Cocks!

Jamarcus Little


Joseph Bass
Together, let’s make it great to be in the College of Engineering and Computing. I’m Joseph Bass and my mission as Senator is to work alongside both students and faculty to create initiatives that will help the college as a whole. The Engineering and Computing community is fantastic and I am very excited to work with each of you, thank you for your support.

Ryan Geiser
Ryan Geiser is studying Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Chemistry. Currently, he conducts bench research in Alzheimer’s disease and clinical research at Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital. Ryan has become very active in Student Government, Methodist Student Network, Theta Tau, Society of Physics Students, Biomedical Engineering Society, and Carolina Judicial Council. His leadership potential has been demonstrated in each of these organizations as well as being a Resident Mentor for Honors Residence Hall.

Jay Selesky
My name is John Selesky and I am running for Student Government Senator representing the College of Engineering and Computing. As a Senator I plan on developing ways to improve Carolina for all. I am well involved in Carolina and understand the issues that we all know need to be fixed. We need to recognize our diversity, improve student life, and enable all students to have a voice in changing Carolina for the better.


Danielle Bailey
My name is Analis Bailey. As an SMCJ student, I want to promote the betterment of the journalism community while working to improve the student body as a whole. Holding leadership positions during my time at USC is very important. Spending freshman year on RHA Senate, and serving as the President of Patterson Hall, I have learned a lot about leading fellow students effectively. I want to continue this strive of leadership, by serving as a motivated, and spirited senator for the 2016-2017 school year, being the voice for those unheard. I would greatly appreciate your vote. Go Gamecocks!

Amber Jackson
I am very passionate about student government; determined to be a voice and representative for my classmates here at USC, I am very excited and eager to run for the opportunity to be a part of senate. Being a part of district 7, Journalism, I would strongly represent my district by observing issues or potential areas of improvement and carefully coming up with solutions to help better all opportunities for those in my district.


John Hungerpiller
I, John Colin Hungerpiller, would be honored to be your representative as Pre-Pharmacy Senator. My main objective will be to ensure that the voice of my fellow colleagues is heard, while also fighting to maintain the level of education we so richly deserve. I will use my experience to serve you in the Senate while learning along side each one of you and striving to make this university even greater.

Gabrielle Pierce
My intention as a pre-pharmacy Senator is to make the pre-pharmacy community feel more connected and involved with their student government, and to give a voice to those who may have felt they were not being heard.

Public Health

Katherine Farrell
My name is Katherine Farrell, and after only one semester at Carolina, I’ve developed an appreciation for the organizations that make this university “home”. I want to help provide the resources and organization that they need to thrive, while serving as a strong, approachable representative for Public Health students. I plan to promote the current safety programs of student government as well as implement a new campaign emphasizing safe driving on our pedestrian filled campus.

Madison Stewart
If elected senator to represent the College of Public Health, I will ensure that students within this college will have their voices heard and their needs met by student government.