First month recap from the Student Body VP

As your Student Body Vice President, I am happy to report that after our first full month in office my staff and I are well underway in setting the groundwork for an amazing term. We have settled into our new positions, and we have been diligently working to make our university a better place for all students. Detailed below you will find just some of the accomplishments the Office has made in the last month.

  • Restructured the office staff to include an External Affairs branch to manage campus initiatives and facilitate conversations with campus administration.
  • Successfully ran our first six Senate sessions during which over 30 pieces of legislation were passed, a new record for this time in the term.
  • Instituted a Resolution – Administration Matchmaking system to communicate the sentiments and ideas of the Senate to the administrators who have influence over those issues.
  • Recognized over 30 student leaders within the Carolina Community by instituting a “Leadership Pin” award issued by the Senate.
  • Overhauled the Student Government website to include all Senator information, delegation membership, committee assignments, and contact info.
  • Laid the groundwork for a comprehensive visitation program to student organizations that will roll out in full this fall. By getting SG members to meet organizations one-on-one, we can better stay in touch with student needs.
  • Collaborated with the Office of the Student Body President to pursue key areas of interest between the office including but not limited to the following: diversity & inclusion, campus transportation, and adding flexibility to the Greek Meal Plan.
  • Finalized a Student Business Card/Resume Package initiative that will be established in full this fall with a comprehensive marketing campaign to provide students with discounted business cards, resume packages and other professional materials.
  • Finalized survey questions for the Classroom Improvement Project in order to gather quantitative data on facilities and classroom functionality in order to better guide administration in prioritizing infrastructural improvements in academic spaces.

I thank my staff for their dedication and hours of hard work which have made these accomplishments come to life. I look forward to a full term of working for the student body and adding to the successes of my first month in office. As always, student feedback is greatly appreciated, and my staff and I cannot wait to see what we can achieve together.


Ross Lordo

Student Body Vice President