Progress report from VP Ross Lordo

After nearly three months of summer vacation, students are finally settled back into their dorms and apartments. Classes are in full swing, and USC’s Student Government is hard at work to fulfill the promises it made to students. The Student Body Vice President, however, has already mobilized his staff and University administration to conquer the projects he outlined as most important to the student body.

With a new staff structure, VP Lordo is poised to redefine the role of the Student Body Vice President in a dramatic way. His nine-member staff will be divided in two; one part will run the day-to-day operations of the student senate while the other will dedicate its time to seeing new programs and initiatives take shape. In this way, the Office of the Student Body Vice President will be able to work hand-in-hand with the other Executive Officers and ensure tangible results students can see. A preview of projects coming down the line leaves the student body with much to look forward to.

Business Cards For Students
After nearly a year in progress, students will soon be able to order business cards and special resume packages through a strategic partnership with USC Printing. Within the next few months, members of the VP’s staff will finalize marketing and logistics for the new plan. Throughout the process, USC Printing has been an incredible partner contributing remarkable creativity for a project that will allow students to truly stand out at career fairs and professional settings.

Improving Classroom Spaces
In an effort to make the best use of USC’s funding dollars, student government is beginning to roll out data-driven initiatives to survey the student body and present these concrete results to the administration. The Classroom Improvement Project is just that. This fall the Office of the SBVP will be making a renewed push to have students complete the Classroom Improvement Project Survey. This survey will help divert attention and resources to the classroom and learning spaces students feel need the most attention. In this way, we make sure our classrooms are being renovated and retrofitted according to student input since we are the ones who are affected directly by the quality of those spaces.

Rethinking Course Evaluations
Members of the SBVP’s staff are hard at work collaborating with USC’s Center for Teaching Excellence to once again bolster the student voice. One way that mission has taken shape is in the way of a mid-term course evaluation system. We all know that students provide valuable and course-altering feedback to professors at the end of a term. The Office of the SBVP is trying to bring that process to the middle of the semester. By allowing students the option of providing feedback halfway through a course, professors can make teaching decisions with the input of the students.

Giving Greeks the Power to Choose
One of the largest issues discussed during the election cycle was improving the quality of the Greek experience here at Carolina. VP Lordo has personally taken on this initiative to provide Greek students a little more flexibility in their meal plans allowing a quick snack between classes or a coffee before that 8:05. Conversations and planning are already underway with key University Administrators to give Greek students an optional ~$300 in declining balance dollars to supplement their house based meal plan. This option would only be available to Greeks and would not intrude on the social experience of communal dining, which is so integral to the Greek community. However, this also lets Greek students get food on campus whereas previously they could only eat in the houses or pay full price via cash or credit at on campus dining locations.

The Office of the SBVP looks forward to pursuing these and many more initiatives this year. As always, student input is appreciated, and we will continue to work our hardest to see the Carolina Community become more helpful, inclusive, and advantageous towards every student’s success.