New Year, New Funding Process Timeline

As a new semester begins, so does a new bill passed by the Student Senate. Before winter break began, a new bill titled SBL 108(74) was initiated to cut the university funding process from five weeks to two weeks. Now all fund allocations for student organizations are immediately presented for a vote.

“This is a huge win for students. So not only is Student Government in the business of saving students’ money but also getting student organizations the money they need faster,” Student Body Treasurer Stinson Rogers said, “With this legislation, student organizations will have their money faster so they can put their events into motion faster.”  

The Student Allocation Fund is $185k allocated on a rolling basis to student organizations for conferences, competitions, and events. For this fiscal year, $142K has already been allocated, leaving roughly $14K left to allocate to other organizations.

“I am proud of the senate for putting students first by promoting the efficient transferring of money to student organizations,” Student Body Vice President Ross Lordo said, “I look forward to seeing all the additional ways Student Government can help support our many student organizations across our campus.”

To be eligible for funding, a registered organization must fit several requirements. The request must be made at least two weeks prior to the event. Actual prices must be presented and documentation must be shown.
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