Get Involved

Congressional Advisory Board
The Student Congressional Advisory Board serves as the voice of the University of South Carolina. We work to assist Congressional Members in finding better solutions to academic, financial, and social issues that concern students. We collect data on student values, develop policy presentations, and work with legislators in our nation’s capital to advocate for students’ views.

Constitutional Council
The Constitutional Council is comprised of a Chief Justice and numerous Associate Justices. The duties of the Chief Justice consist of chairing all Constitutional Challenges, Election Appeals, and Impeachment Hearings. The Chief Justice is appointed by the Student Body President and serves until his or her graduation. The duties of an Associate Justice consist of sitting on all Constitutional Challenges and Election Appeals. The position is also appointed by the Student Body President and serve until their graduation.

Delegation Council
Delegation Councils are open to all students at the university. We encourage you to get involved at monthly student government meetings for each school. Each delegation council is led by a delegation chair that was chosen by the senators from that school. This is a chance for you, as delegates, to improve your particular school, to participate in initiatives, to share your opinions and ideas, and to get involved in legislation going through student senate.

Elections Commission
From our annual Student Government Elections to our National Elections every four years, these students work hard to encourage voter turnout and inform fellow students about the importance of voting. This commission is headed by the Elections Commissioner, who is appointed by the Student Body President, and consists of seven additional student members, who are chosen by an application and interview process and approved by the Student Senate.

Freshman Council
Freshman Council acts as an entry-level organization within Student Government with an emphasis on leadership and community involvement. Members consist of a diverse selection of students who undergo a fairly rigorous interview and application process and are chosen to represent the freshman class in Student Government.

Legislative Action Network
Legislative Action Network voices the concerns and opinions of the student body to members of the state government. Members engage in research and advocacy operations throughout the year, and present their findings to state lawmakers and executive officials. There are two major components of Legislative Action Network, and members may choose to work on either or both.

Student Senate
The Senate is comprised of 50 Senators and 10 committees. Each committee is headed by a committee chairman assigned by the Vice President and approved by the Senate. The Senate has the opportunity to pass legislation in all non-academic fields. Legislation addresses issues ranging from the dispersal of funding to university administrative policy. All USC students are encouraged to voice their opinions by attending Senate sessions, by submitting suggestions through the Suggestion Box, or by applying to be in Senate. Students interested in applying for vacant seats should fill out an application. The Student Senate meets at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays in the Senate Chambers on the Third Floor of the Russell House.

Walk Home Cocky
Walk Home Cocky is a program that aims to increase safety within the Carolina community. Our volunteers will accompany students on their walk home from the library late at night. The service will run from 10:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. from Sunday night to Thursday night in the Thomas Cooper Library.