Office of the Student Body President

Ross Lordo is a second-generation Gamecock and the current Student Body President. Born and raised in Fort Mill, S.C., Ross is the son of Ron and Leanne Lordo. Ross grew up attending Gamecock sporting events, which is where he truly developed his passion and love for the university. He is a senior public health major in the Arnold School of Public Health and is also pursuing a minor in business administration and leadership studies.

Prior to his election as Student Body President, Ross was selected to join the Freshman Council as an incoming student. It was there where he and four of his peers successfully created a freshman mentoring program for our incoming students called JumpStart, an initiative aimed at providing guidance to new freshmen prior to their arrival on campus. He then went on to serve in the Student Senate as the President Pro Tempore of the 107th Student Senate, presiding over Senate leadership and actively promoting new legislation that would benefit the entire student body. With his leadership, the 107th Student Senate wrote more pieces of legislation than ever before to make a positive and tangible impact on campus. As Vice President Ross pushed through initiatives such as providing a Greek meal plan for students as well as bringing the app pocket points to the University; while also visiting student organizations every week.  

As Student Body President, Ross has already started tackling his executive agenda, which includes continuing programs such as Cockstock, an inclusive pep rally at the end of Homecoming 2017, the It’s On Us campaign to bring sexual assault awareness to every university student as well as the annual Spurs and Struts event during Homecoming week. Ross is also advocating for a student vote on the Board of Trustees, lower tuition and a new student union. As Student Body President Ross will push his agenda by working towards digital Carolina cards and Wi-Fi in the student section at football games.

Throughout his administration, Ross will serve the student body every single day ensuring that student’s concerns are voiced and addressed. He wants to move the University forward while maintaining traditions that have been around for generations. Finally, Ross wants to make this an unparalleled year of student engagement, constant communication and unwavering accountability.


Phone (office): 803-777-3641

Office Hours:
Tuesday: 2-5:30 p.m.
Wednesday: 3-5:30 p.m.
Thursday: 2-5:30 p.m.
Friday: by appointment

Student Body President Staff

Chief of Staff

Kathryn Stoudemire

Chief of Staff works with the President and staff to ensure that all necessary duties are being fulfilled. The Chief of Staff is also responsible for overseeing Cabinet meetings and ensuring that Cabinet members are fulfilling their duties as well. If you have any questions regarding Cabinet or the office of the President contact Kathryn at

My name is Kathryn Stoudemire and I am a Journalism and Political Science student here at the university. My passion for Student Government first arose from my participation on the Communications Team.  Shortly thereafter, I served as the Momentum ticket’s campaign manager and currently serve as the Student Body President’s Chief of Staff.  In addition to Student Government, I also serve as Public Relations chair for Delta Zeta and work in Administration and Finance for the university.  I am excited for all that Student Government will accomplish this year and look forward to all that is to come!

Chief Implementation Officer

Melissa Byars

Chief Implementation Officer works with the President, staff and Cabinet ensuring that initiatives and events put on by student government are being fulfilled. If you have any questions regarding the status of initiatives or programs, contact Melissa at

My name is Melissa Byars and I am from Lexington, South Carolina. I am a Political Science and Journalism major, as I hope to go to law school post undergrad. I am very passionate about student government as I believe this organization has the power to connect students all across campus and move us forward to a common goal. I am excited to serve as Chief Implementation Officer this coming year and cannot wait to create programs and initiatives that engage the student body as a whole, such as continuing Cockstock and the It’s On Us campaign. I am also a member of Alpha Delta Pi and serve as Panhellenic Delegate; this coming year I believe student government and the Greek community can come together and push a unified agenda towards a better Carolina. When I am not at school I am paging at the State House, going for a run or watching the news. I full-heartedly believe in this administration’s platform and without a doubt know it will leave a lasting impact at the University.  

Chief Advisor

Lindsay Bratun

Chief Advisor advises the President, staff and Cabinet on implementation of events, programs and initiatives conducted through student government. The Chief Advisor also communicates with various departments of the administration and the office of the President. If you have any questions regarding initiatives or events conducted by student government contact Lindsay at

My name is Lindsay Bratun. I am a Junior Public Relations student from Washington, DC. I serve as the Chief Advisor on Executive Staff and also as the Panhellenic Association President. I love to watch the same TV shows over and over and spend time with friends and family. I absolutely cannot wait to continue existing traditions in Student Life this year and work to improve the student experience through student government this coming term. 

Deputy Chief of Staff

Lilli Marshall

The Deputy Chief of Staff assists the Chief of Staff on completing weekly tasks for Cabinet meeting as well as actively communicating with staff to make sure all duties are being fulfilled. If you have any questions regarding the weekly status of the office of the President, please contact Lilli at

My name is Lilli Marshall and I’m a sophomore from Melbourne, Florida. I’m majoring in Political Science and Economics and minoring in Spanish and plan on attending law school after graduation. I’m a Peer Leader, Color Team Captain for Dance Marathon, Capstone Connector, and Phi Assistant for my sorority, Phi Mu. This will be my first year serving on Student Government and I am excited to be part of a team that I’m confident will make a lasting impact on USC.

Executive Assistant

Gage Burkhalter

The Executive Assistant manages the President’s meetings, organization visits and day-to-day schedule; ensuring that the executive office operations are being conducted efficiently. If you have any questions pertaining to scheduling or meeting with the President contact Gage at

My Name is Gage Burkhalter, I am from Chapin, South Carolina.  I am a freshman Exercise Science major trying to make a difference in SG, I enjoy long walks on the beach and talking to new people.  On any given Tuesday you can see my intramural team getting crushed at Strom. But what I lack on the field I bring into the office, I am pushing for new and currently existing initiatives advocating for mental health issues!


Logan Lebron

The Historian manages the minutes and agenda of weekly Cabinet meetings. If you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding Cabinet minutes please contact Gage.

Hey Gamecocks, I am Logan Lebron. I am a Junior Geography major from the town of Mount Pleasant South Carolina.  Having served the 107th and 108th as Sergeant at Arms and now as Archival Prefect of the 109th; I have extensive experience with all three branches of Student Government.  I love maps and am perusing professional work in cartography. I work for the Federal Depository Library Program as an aerial image rectification technician. My main hobby is vexiollgy (the study of flags) and has an ongoing collection of international colors and U.S. state flags.  My duties consist of maintaining the Student Body Governments archives, providing Student Government members with historical context, and publishing key documents necessary to the day to day functions of Student Government.  If you are interested in joining me in my research or have a question about past student governments, email me at, and place in the subject line “History Matters”.