Student Senate, Officials and Committees

The Legislative Branch of government is granted its authority by means of the Student Government Constitution.

The Student Body Vice President presides over meetings of the Student Senate and is often referred to as the President of the Senate. The Senate is comprised of 50 Senators and 10 committees. Each committee is headed by a committee chairman assigned by the Vice President and approved by the Senate.

The Senate has the opportunity to pass legislation in all non-academic fields. Legislation addresses issues ranging from the dispersal of funding to university administrative policy. All USC students are encouraged to voice their opinions by attending Senate sessions, by submitting suggestions through the Suggestion Box, or by applying to be in Senate. Students interested in applying for vacant seats should fill out an application. The Student Senate meets at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays in the Senate Chambers on the Third Floor of the Russell House.

If you, as a senator, were absent or plan to be absent from a Senate meeting, please fill out the Senate Absence Form. If you would like to have another Senator to serve as your Proxy, complete this Student Senate Proxy Voting form.