Student Health Services
University of South Carolina

Student Health Services


Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention

Sexual assault is never the survivor's fault, and it's never tolerated at the University of South Carolina. We urge survivors to seek help from the resources at and from our Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention office. As members of the Carolina family, we all can better understand our responsibilities to help care for our community. Together we can stop sexual assault.

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Suicide Prevention Trainings

Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training will teach you the warning signs of a suicidal person and early signs of depression, assist you in gaining confidence in how to respond and educate you about the resources available at the University of South Carolina.

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Stroll Out Stigma

Stroll Out Stigma Wellness, Prevention and Advocacy at Student Health Services is hosting a stroll competition to raise awareness about the ways that stigma can impact our well-being. Stroll Out Stigma will also encourage self-acceptance, respect, and kindness for oneself … finish reading Stroll Out Stigma