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University of South Carolina

Support Following a Tragedy

When we are impacted as a nation, a region and a community through such tragic mass violence, it can take a toll on each of us. In general, people are resilient and get through these difficult times. Recent events can create a sense of insecurity, a feeling of being unsafe and feelings of confusion, worry, grief and fear. This can trigger our own past trauma, grief and loss. If you identify as a member of a community impacted, you can feel even more overwhelmed with a variety of responses.

We encourage you to take steps to care for yourself, connect with others around you and, if needed, use the professional supports in our community. Reach out to Counseling & Psychiatry if you need professional support. Counselors will see any student, faculty or staff member at no charge regardless of whether they are currently enrolled in classes. Call 803-777-5223. If a faculty or staff member would like to speak to a professional outside the university, call the Employee Assistance Program at 866-327-2400.

Current Health Topics

• Zika virus alerts

• Insurance tips

    Uninterrupted Prescription Coverage
    To allow uninterrupted prescription coverage during breaks throughout the year (winter break, summer break, etc.), students with the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan through AIG can click here to renew their coverage. Once in the site, enter your e-mail address and password, then click the "renewal" button for the upcoming semester.

Student Health Services


Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention

Sexual assault is never the survivor's fault, and it's never tolerated at the University of South Carolina. We urge survivors to seek help from the resources at and from our Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention office. As members of the Carolina family, we all can better understand our responsibilities to help care for our community. Together we can stop sexual assault.

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Summer Wellness BINGO Olympics

The annual Summer Wellness BINGO Olympics Challenge will keep you motivated during the hot summer months! The challenge starts June 20 and ends July 29 and all faculty and staff are eligible to participate. Register for the challenge here

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Suicide Prevention Trainings

Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training will teach you the warning signs of a suicidal person and early signs of depression, assist you in gaining confidence in how to respond and educate you about the resources available at the University of South Carolina.

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