Welcome to Student Health Services

While academic achievement is the outcome every college student wants, making it happen can be a challenge. A new town, friends and lifestyle, coupled with studies, can create a stressful environment for your body, as well as your mind.

With Student Health Services, you can be assured that your work at the university is supported by many caring and skilled people who understand the connection between good health and academic performance. We provide a holistic approach to health through comprehensive primary healthcare, disease prevention and wellness programs, and mental health and violence prevention services.

Student Health Services is accredited by the Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care, which demonstrates excellence in the services and programs we provide for the campus community. We are truly here for you and dedicated to your success.

To help you succeed, Student Health Services is certified as a Patient-Centered Medical Home, which is more commonly referred to as Medical Home, by the AAAHC. Through the Medical Home model, each student is partnered with a designated primary care provider (PCP) and a team of professionals who provide integrated care while focusing on prevention and wellness throughout their time at USC.

Take advantage of Student Health Services while you are a student at USC. We're more than Primary Care. Learn about our wellness programs. Meet with our registered dietitians. Build a relationship with our Pharmacy staff. Visit the Counseling Center before stress gets to you. Learn how to protect your body. Join our Peer Leader group. We're here to not only help you build a solid foundation of health while you are in college, but also to help you become an empowered health consumer for life.

Yours in health,

Deborah Beck, MPA, Ed.D.
Executive Director, Student Health Services
University of South Carolina