Student Health Fee

Most health services have been paid for through built-in student health fee through tuition. During the 2017-18 academic year, the student health fee for full-time undergraduate (12+ hours) and graduate (9+ hours) is $184. The student health fee for part-time undergraduate (6-11 hours) and graduate (6-8 hours) students is $123. Services are offered on a fee-for-service basis for students taking less than six hours. Graduate Assistants are charged the $184 fee regardless of hours.

The student health fee pays for:
• Office visits for the treatment of routine and chronic illness (excluding in-house specialty referrals, Physical Therapy and Psychiatric Services)
• 10 individual counseling visits per academic year
• Support groups and workshops on issues including anxiety, couples therapy, grief and loss, substance abuse, international student support, sexual assault and more
• Preventive health screenings, including blood pressure and body fat percentage measurement
• Individual exercise and fitness consultations
• Individual nutritional consultations with a registered dietitian
• Flu Shots

NOTE: The student health fee also assists in the sustainability of the health center by funding medical technology, select medical supplies, utilities and salaries of health care providers and support staff. It also funds the development and integration of the electronic health record system.

The student health fee does not pay for:

• Radiology and laboratory services, EKGs
• Prescriptions and over-the-counter medication
• Physical Therapy (has an additional nominal office fee)
• Physical exams
• Flu shots
• Psychiatric services (has an additional nominal office fee)
• In-house Specialty Referrals (has an additional nominal office fee)
• Individual counseling sessions over the initial 10 per academic year
• Metabolic rate testing
• Allergy shots and other vaccines
• Medical supplies used during the administration of services (bandages, sutures, etc.)
• Travel consults
• Minor surgical procedures and other procedures (IV therapy, breathing treatment, injection of medications, etc.)
• Services received at any other hospital or clinic

For a list of fees for the most common services provided at Student Health Services, click here.

In order to provide you the best care and appointment availability, please cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance, or you will be charged.

Prices subject to change without notice.

No-show fees vary depending on the type of appointment. For more information contact Financial Services by visiting them in the second floor lobby or by calling 803-777-3174.

Fee Chart

No-show fees