Primary Care

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Primary Care is a health care center staffed by board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and medical technologists who understand the unique needs of college students.

Our services allow for the diagnosis, treatment and management of general illness and chronic conditions.

Student Health Services has recently been re-accredited for three years by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) and earned the patient-centered Medical Home accreditation. 

The AAAHC Medical Home accreditation is the highest achievement for primary care; it centers on a comprehensive review of our entire organization. The peer-based process includes an on-site survey that assures our patients receive high-quality, holistic care.

A big part of the Medical Home model is the implementation of care teams within the organization.

At USC, when a student visits Primary Care, they are assigned a primary care provider, and this provider is part of a care team, made up of other physicians and nurse practitioners.

These providers work with counselors, case managers, social workers, nutritionists, wellness professionals, pharmacists, advocates and other support staff to ensure each student is cared for across departments so that each student receives the most comprehensive health care.

For students, this means when they meet with their primary care provider at the health center, the physician or nurse practitioner will not only address the issue that brought them to the office but will also inquire about their mental health and any other issues that may be bothering them. If the student is a smoker, the provider will discuss tobacco treatment options.

By inquiring about the overall patient’s health status, the provider can recommend other resources the student may need such as counseling sessions or wellness consultations.