Training Activities

Intern Seminars
Training seminars are an integral part of the training program, and consistent attendance and active preparation for and participation in them is required.  The format is both didactic and discussion/process oriented in nature.  A wide variety of topics are covered that pertain to major areas of knowledge needed to be a competent clinician.  Fall seminars are foundational in nature while Spring seminars focus on more specialty topics.  Diversity is infused in all presentations; however, a -weekly process oriented diversity seminar will take place with specific focus on issues of diversity.  The Intern Seminar meets for 120 minutes each week.

Interns will evaluate each seminar series anonymously by using the Seminar Evaluation Form.  This helps provide the training program with important feedback.

Continuing Education
Interns participate fully in continuing education workshops conducted regularly through Counseling and Psychiatry. Consideration may be given for local, regional, or professional conferences.  

Professional Development and Areas of Concentration
Interns may attend Counseling and Psychiatry staff development programs, as well as workshops and conferences offered by other university departments and community groups.  Interns have additional time during the summer term during which they may complete their dissertations, conduct job searches, attend conferences, review tapes of their own clinical work or their supervisor’s clinical work, or conduct research.  Interns may also use the summer term to develop an area of concentration, such as Couples Therapy, International Initiatives, Crisis Intervention, Assessment, or Consultation.

Administrative Activities

Staff Meetings
Staff meetings are held weekly and are intended to provide staff with a forum to share appreciations for one another, disseminate information, discuss new initiatives, problem solve, and discuss other pertinent information.  Interns and trainees are a vital part of the CHDC team and are encouraged to be active participants in staff meeting discussions.

Weekly Peer & Journal Supervision Meetings
Several teams meet throughout the week on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.  All attendees are invited to share specific cases for discussion, review, consultation, and input.  Clinicians are requested to submit an article related to a case that they want to present that provides evidence-based practice and integration of the literature to clinical work. Clinicians frequently use this time to consult about difficult and complex cases and explore referral options. Eating Disorder Clinical Team

Meeting with the Training Director
The Training Director or a designee meets with the Interns weekly in group supervision throughout the year.  In addition to focusing on clinical and training issues, this is a time to clarify questions, address problems, and discuss ongoing concerns.  It provides an important opportunity to keep lines of communication open between interns and the Training Director. Additional meetings with the Training Director and/or the Director may be scheduled at any time on the request of any intern. 

Weekly Intern Meeting
Interns are encouraged to meet as a group at least once a week for lunch to discuss any issues relevant to their experience as an intern, to get support from one another, and generally to have an opportunity to bond as a group.