Philosophy of Supervision
The philosophy of supervision at the CAP has as its focus the growth and development of each trainee.  Over the course of the internship year, each trainee may work with at least three different individual supervisors (one in the Fall, the other in the Spring and Summer). Other opportunities for supervision occur in group supervision, supervision of supervision, supervision of groups, seminars, co-therapy, weekly peer review and journal club teams, and case consultation. Interns receive a minimum of five hours of supervision per week, at least two of which are individual. Evaluation focuses upon the strengths and areas for improvement within the context of minimal competencies and behavioral anchors as outlined in the Standards of Accreditation (SOA) and our specific Aims– which are outlined in the Pre-internship Self-Evaluation and the Doctoral Intern & Post-Doc Evaluation form. 

Individual Supervision
Individual supervision focuses upon developing the intern's clinical skills, professional identity, and self of the therapist. In addition, interns are asked to perform many of the roles of a university counseling center psychologist, and are given feedback on their performance throughout the training year. Interns receive a minimum of two hours per week of individual supervision by a licensed psychologist.  The supervision focuses most intensely on clinical work with individuals, couples, and groups.  Interns digitally record all counseling sessions via webcam and are expected to show these recordings in supervision as cases are discussed.  Observation of clinical work is essential to high quality supervision.  All interns are expected to show video in both individual and group supervision. Live observation and supervision of intern clinical work is required and occurs throughout the internship year. This format has consistently been reported by prior interns to have been one of the most valuable forms of supervision we offer. Co-therapy and other supervision methods are also used. Caseloads are listed in our Electronic Medical Record(EMR) and must be maintained by the intern, and presented to the individual supervisor at the beginning of each individual supervision session.  Supervisors keep track of cases on an ongoing basis by way of the EMR.  All notes are reviewed and co-signed by the individual supervisor (instructions for sending notes for co-signature will be discussed). 

In addition to clinical work, supervision encompasses the broad range of training activities: work in consultation and community-based services, supervision of trainees, ethics and professional development. Interns may change senior staff supervisors at the start of the Spring and Summer semester, thereby giving them the opportunity to experience two different primary supervisors over the course of the year. 

A Supervision Informed Consent Form is signed by the client and intern informing the client that the intern is supervised and the name(s) of the intern’s supervisor(s).  This form must be filled out at the beginning of each new client appointment and when supervisor changes occur. 

Group Supervision
In this meeting, interns meet as a group with the Training Director or designee and discuss cases, make case presentations, review digital recordings of clinical work, and, perhaps most importantly, conduct live supervision sessions.  It is also an environment to explore and develop an awareness of self as it informs interns’ work professionally.  Great effort is made to make this a trusting environment so that interns can explore new and creative avenues in their clinical work. Group supervision is also developed to meet the needs of each intern cohort while maintaining the integrity of the purpose of supervision.

Regarding live supervision, it is expected that the intern cohort will coordinate with one another and the Training Director to ensure that live supervision sessions are scheduled on a regular and frequent basis and that each intern is rotating into the role of being observed with an on-going client.  The observing interns and group supervisor will observe from the other side of a one-way mirror/window and will make process comments and suggestion via telephone calls, text messages, invitations to join the session, sharing feedback with the client, etc...  Following the session, the group will meet to process the session with the intern therapist. Live observation and supervision is required for all interns. Interns must participate in Live Supervision a minimum of three Live supervision session per semester.

Other Supervision Experiences
Interns will also receive one hour weekly of Supervision through the peer supervision, consultation, and journal club review.  One hour of Group supervision of group, and one hour of Group Supervision of Supervision biweekly.