Together we can prevent suicide

Suicide Prevention

Suicide can be prevented. Your caring, quick action can make a difference in the life of a roommate, friend, peer or even a stranger. Be someone who is willing to step up and support those who may be in emotional distress.  

Suicide prevention basics:

  • Learn the warning signs. of suicide before you or a friend are in a stressful situation.
    Express your concern when you see someone who appears in emotional distress.
  • Listen, offer support and understanding—don’t worry about saying the wrong thing to someone—your actions may save a life.
  • Your genuine interest and support do matter.
  • Be direct and honest.
  • Don’t judge, argue or act shocked by statements someone may make or plans someone tells you about to harm themselves.

Don’t ignore the warning signs. If someone is talking about suicide, be someone who has their back. Connect them with the support they need by calling the Counseling & Psychiatry at 803-777-5223, 7th floor Byrnes Building. If it is after hours, call the University Law Enforcement and Safety at 803-777-4215. You can also contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.

Sign up for a Suicide Prevention Training to learn how to help prevent suicide in our community.