Understanding disordered eating and eating disorders:

Does food rule your life? Are you obsessed with your body weight? People with eating disorders can come in any shape or size. If you can strongly relate to the following signs and symptoms of a disordered body image, please consider reaching out to a Registered Dietitian!

Some Signs and Symptoms of an unhealthy relationship with food and your body Image Include:

  • Thinking or talking about the flaws in your body.
  • Spending a lot of time in front of a mirror, obsessing about specific body parts.
  • Weighing yourself frequently and judging yourself by the number on the scale.
  • Refraining from enjoyable activities because you are ashamed or self-conscious about your body.
  • Obsessing about food, weight, and fitness level in private and/or in public.
  • Distorted body image and dieting are thought to contribute to eating disorders.

How We Can Help:

From emotional eating to eating disorders, Student Health Services provides care to students struggling with their eating habits, relationship with food, and the underlying issues. Our Eating Disorder Consultation Team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, dietitians, and medical doctors. Your treatment plan will be tailored to your needs and appropriate referrals can be made when necessary.

If you are struggling with your relationship with food or want to continue your path in recovery as you achieve your academic goals, we can help. For more information, please schedule an appointment with a Registered Dietitian at www.sc.edu/myhealthspace.

Ways to Feel Good About Your Body:

1. Do what you love and what you’re good at.
2. Remind yourself of what you like about your appearance. This may take some time and practice.
3. Break the habit of comparing yourself to others in terms of appearance.
4. Don’t criticize or comment on other people’s weight or appearance.
5. Write down your strengths besides appearance: are you smart, funny, artsy, etc.?
6. Pay attention to the way the media influences your self-image, and stay away from media that causes you to feel badly about your body.
7. Compliment others for things besides their physical appearance.
8. Focus on developing skills and abilities that have nothing to do with appearance.

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