Outside Lab Orders

Written requests are accepted from licensed providers outside of the Center for Health and Well-Being. Orders may be faxed directly to the Laboratory at 803-576-5668.

Appointments for outside orders may be made directly for the Laboratory through MyHealthSpace. Patients may wish to have their orders faxed or dropped off in advance to help expedite their return visit. Unusual lab requests may take additional time to set up and order in the health service information system. a $25.00 handling fee will be assessed for all orders.

All orders must include:

• Two patient identifiers (name, date of birth or Social Security Number)

• Health care provider’s name and signature

• Health care provider’s phone and fax numbers

• Diagnosis code (ICD10)

• All tests clearly listed (LabCorp test numbers may help to clarify panel requests)

• Any additional instructions like fasting requirements or repeat testing